By Jayla Burton, Program Officer

A new administration doesn’t mean our work is doneit means we work even harder to address and end breast cancer.

Over the last few years, it seems like we have seen it all. We’ve experienced the deprioritization of science, decreased regulations and transparency in federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and serious threats to our nation’s healthcare system. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will have an essential role in addressing the breast cancer crisis, and it’s time for the new administration to get to work!

Join us in demanding that our leaders help us create a world where our lives and communities are not threatened by breast cancer.

Sign the card to President Biden and Vice President Harris

Both the President and Vice President have faced cancer in their families, so we know that addressing this disease is both public health and a personal goal. Like many of us, we are often compelled to action when an issue affects us personally.
For over 30 years, people living with cancer, their loved ones, and unwavering breast cancer activists have joined us in turning anger into action. It’s time for the administration to do the same by initiating and implementing policy changes that will provide significant support for women living with and at risk of breast cancer. 

Take action and sign on to tell Biden and Harris to create an administration that will address the root causes of breast cancer. Priorities must include:

  • Addressing systemic racism embedded in our healthcare systems, in our environmental policies, and in our economic policies that lead to harmful disparities for communities of color
  • Increasing transparency and accountability in the regulatory and approval processes at the FDA and EPA
  • Focusing on primary prevention through strong safety standards based on the precautionary principle
  • Ensuring the development of better breast cancer treatments that are more effective and less toxic by funding research and strong agency oversight
  • Enacting universal healthcare that is compassionate, evidence-based, culturally competent, and supportive of patient decision-making

Breast cancer is political, and it must be addressed as a social justice issue by looking deeply and honestly at how race, economic status, and political power affect those who are at risk of and living with breast cancer.
It’s time for meaningful and immediate action from the Biden-Harris administration to address and end breast cancer. We need you to sign the card, and we need you to share it on Facebook and Twitter to help bring together breast cancer activists who understand that we can stop breast cancer by uniting our voices and demanding change.