Posted on October 13, 2021

By Zoë Christopher, Program Officer & Operations Manager

Last night activists from all across the country joined us at our annual event, Radical Disruption & Compassionate Resistance, to take collective action on this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign, “Stop Banking on Breast Cancer.”

Stop Banking on Breast Cancer calls out Susan G. Komen® and the Pink Ribbon Banking Program, done in partnership with Bank of America. And a blatant example of pinkwashing. For those who were with us, thank you for joining. And for those who couldn’t be there, now is the time to raise your voice and demand change.

I am asking you to join us in our boldest, most unapologetic action yet, launching today: Email Susan G. Komen® directly and urge the mega-nonprofit to phase out the Pink Ribbon Banking Program with Bank of America, a primary funder of the fossil fuel industry, an industry that is fueling the climate and breast cancer crises.

The Pink Ribbon Banking Program creates a perfect profit cycle: the bank uses the goodwill of a pink ribbon promotion, a breast cancer organization, and your purchases to increase their profits, which are then invested in the fossil fuel industry, which drives the breast cancer and climate crises. We are far too familiar with the impacts of the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel infrastructure exposes us to harmful chemicals that may increase breast cancer risk, such as benzene, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), dioxins, and PFAS, all along the continuum. These chemicals can increase breast cancer risk,  And communities on the frontlines, often low-income or people of color, always bear the heaviest burden.

Breast cancer is a public health crisis and a social justice issue. In order to address this disease that impacts so many people, we must get to the cause at the core of the problem, not partner with organizations that are perpetuating harm. Komen cannot claim its mission to be eradicating breast cancer while maintaining, such close ties to an industry that fuels this health crisis.

It’s time to demand the immediate end of the Pink Ribbon Banking Program with Bank of America. Join me and Breast Cancer Action and tell Komen why they must phase this program out, stop banking on breast cancer, and divest from pinkwashing.