Posted on October 4, 2021

Join us in action with a social media storm

Let’s tell Susan G. Komen® that we see the Pink Ribbon Banking Program for what it is: pinkwashing!

Updated October 9: We just released parts I-III of our three-part illustrated series, The Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership. This three-part saga exposes the path from partnership, to profit, to pinkwashing problem inherent in the Pink Ribbon Banking Program run by Susan G. Komen® and Bank of America. When Susan G. Komen® partners with a top fossil fuel funder, they are compromised. Their partnership and Pink Ribbon Banking Program with Bank of America results in a conflict of interest whereby the organization ignores the links between fossil fuel exposures and breast cancer.

Join us in calling this out by sharing this illustrated story on your social media platforms and tagging @SusanGKomen, @BankofAmerica, and us @bcaction.

Part I, Part II, and Part III of The Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership are each available to download directly.

Part I of The Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership Part II of the Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership Part III of the Tale of the Pinkwashed Partnership

Our Stop Banking on Breast Cancer share graphic is also available to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the instructions below:

Share this graphic on Facebook. You can use the following text, or make it your own: Susan G. Komen®: You cannot claim to want to end breast cancer while the profits generated by your Pink Ribbon Banking Program are used by Bank of America to fund the cancer-causing fossil fuel industry!

Tweet the graphic at Susan G. Komen® with this pre-written tweet or change it up to make it your own.

Download the share graphic directly, share it out across any of your social media platforms, including Instagram, and tag @SusanGKomen, @BankofAmerica, and us @bcaction.

Breast Cancer Action has long called out the hypocrisy in the breast cancer industry. Susan G. Komen, one of the largest breast cancer organizations in the world, has a history of minimizing the environmental harms linked to breast cancer—and their pinkwashing partners like Bank of America are fueling the problem. See the full campaign here, and get ready to take action with us throughout the month of October.