Written By: Tibby Reas Hinderlie

Governor Gavin Newsom has talked a good talk about the importance of addressing the health harms of fossil fuels, but talk is not enough. He must act to stop the fossil-fueled cancer crisis. Instead, Governor Newsom quietly issued 48 fracking permits over the past few months of the pandemic, which will cause even more health harms and fuel the breast cancer epidemic.
Tell the Governor that we need a public health leader who will stand up to the fossil fuel industry!

BCAction at a rally holding signs that read "Governor Newsom Stand Up to Big Oil."

During the COVID-19 pandemic breast cancer patients have been caught in the middle of two frightening diseases, Black and Brown communities have faced the first hand effects of systematic racism, and California Gavin Newsom has been busy giving multiple green lights to polluting industries that further magnify inequities and health harms, such as breast cancer. Change is long overdue.
The fossil fuel industry directly impacts communities of color, putting them at higher risk for health harms, including breast cancer. Send a message to Governor Newsom telling him to:

  1. Stop issuing new permits for fracking and oil and gas drilling in California with an Executive Order to ban fracking.
  2. Commit to phasing out oil and gas drilling altogether, starting with a 2500-foot health and safety buffer zone.
  3. Usher in a fair and just transition for workers and communities as we phase out fossil fuels. 

Join us and tell Newsom to turn off the toxic tap and end dangerous fracking and drilling practices that threaten our health and increase breast cancer risk.