We could not do this work without the support of so many members and volunteers.

  • Thank you to Alan Kleinschmidt and the San Francisco Choral Society for complimentary tickets to their wonderful performances for our staff, board & volunteers.
  • Thank you to the super handyperson Ethan Cluck for assembling a huge piece of furniture for us!
  • Thank you to Sandra Park, JD and Tania Simoncelli, MS, two women who propelled the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling to overturn Myriad Genetics’ monopoly on BRCA genetic testing risk to victory, for speaking on our webinar, “5 Years After the Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Gene Patents: Where do We Stand?”
  • Thank you to our successful peer-to-peer, online fundraisers for raising $4,000:

Fundraisers on our Don’t Pink For Me Platform:
Amy Cho for her birthday and wedding day!

Everyone who made a fundraiser on Facebook in honor of their birthdays. Happy birthday to you all! And a big thanks to all who gave to Breast Cancer Action through these fundraisers:
Pearl Bright
Vivien Chui
Grazia De Michele
Jo-Ann Jack
Anais Marquez
Tony McCoy
Ganchana T. Nanan
Lori Otoole
Sara Padilla
Lopa Pal
Estefana Romero
Karl Smudski
Cristi Williamson-Cotney

  • Many, many thanks to JoAnn Loulan and everyone who helped make the 14th Annual Billie Gardner Loulan Memorial Luncheon such a success:

Karen Tate Stop the Epidemic Fund match donors
Kristin Brew
Susan & Mike McLaughlin
Angela & Sam Schillace
Jocelyn & Dan Swisher
Karen Tate & Charlie Krenz
Laure Woods

Debra & Andrew Rachleff
Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Brad Hall
Sue Jaggers
Ginny Kavanaugh
Donna Dubinsky
Carrie Lukatch
Judy & Gary Bloom
Dorothy Polash
Jennie Savage & John Dawson
Mary Tate

Auction Donors
Danna Breen
Bertin Chabot
Bucks Restaurant
Ron Crawford
Ronny Crawford
Konditorei Bakery
Laura Deem
Rachel DuClos & Marc Gottschalk – Trinidad Retreats
Cynthia Hamilton
James Horn
Ladera Garden & Gift
Portola Kitchen
Portola Valley Garage
Michael & Valerie Russell
Karen Samuels

Special Thanks 
JoAnn Loulan
Dr. Barbara Cohn
Lauren Schiller
Dina Balatti
Kristen Keller
Amy Cho
Windmill School & LaureL Education Center