Posted on March 30, 2013

As media consumers, how can we separate the media hype from the real progress? How can we understand the relevance and importance of a news story, as well as determine whether a particular article is only telling half the story or lacks adequate evidence?

This webinar will help you develop your healthy skepticism about media coverage of health care news with a focus on breast cancer coverage. We looked at various claims made in the name of health care interventions and give you the tools to evaluate messages in the media.

Presenters: Sahru Keiser, Breast Cancer Action, Gary Schwitzer, publisher of and Mandy Stahre, Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and reviewer for

The webinar we covered:

  •  The larger picture of media literacy
  • What is right and wrong about health coverage in the media
  • The current state of journalism and its impact on consumers
  • How industry and pharmaceuticals influence health news reporting
  • How an issue is considered newsworthy
  • The 10 criteria for medical stories with specific breast cancer focused examples
  • How to give reporters feedback
  • How you can get involved