By The Breast Cancer Action Team

We have a long history of making sure women have EVIDENCE-BASED information about breast cancer.

And we’re not about to give that up anytime soon. But we need your help! By making your year-end donation right now you’re helping ensure Breast Cancer Action has the resources we need to continue to be the outspoken, truth-telling organization that fights for and provides the science-based information you need to make important health decisions.

It’s been a challenging year, but we’re not letting up. And right now every donation matters and helps us work tirelessly to support women at risk of and living with breast cancer and protect the health of future generations.

Whether you can give $5 or $500, your participation in our year-end fundraising campaign makes it possible for us to do our workWe tell you, when others don’t, about the risks as well as the benefits of mammography. We testify to stop the FDA from approving breast cancer treatments that shouldn’t be approved (like Avastin). And we stand against corporate giants that patent our genes, like Myriad Genetics.

But we can’t do this work without YOU.

All of us who’ve faced a serious health crisis know how important accurate, evidence-based, patient-centered information is in navigating complex healthcare choices. Please make a donation today to fund our vital grassroots activism.

Thank you for your steadfast support.