Help keep the pressure on! Congress is moving quickly to push forward the controversial drug access legislation known as “Right to Try.” That’s why it’s more important than ever that we make our voices heard.

Email or call your representative today and tell them to vote “No” on Right to Try.

Breast Cancer Action, along with 43 other patient advocacy organizations, has joined together to fight this dangerous and misleading federal legislation. We recently sent a letter to Congress telling them why we oppose Right to Try. Here’s just a few of those reasons:

  • Right to Try offers little more than false hope. Drug companies decide whether to make an experimental drug or treatment available, not the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and nothing about the proposed legislation will change that. Plus, pharmaceutical companies have indicated they’d be unwilling to provide experimental treatments without FDA oversight—meaning the market would be open for bad players to exploit vulnerable patients.
  • It’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Patients who can’t participate in clinical trials already have access to experimental treatments through the FDA’s compassionate use programs—99 percent of the requests submitted through these programs are approved, usually within a few days or just 24 hours in emergency situations.
  • Companies could charge whatever they want for potentially toxic, ineffective treatments. Right to Try would remove price caps that currently exist under the FDA’s expanded access program, meaning companies could charge as much as they want for experimental drugs, effectively ripping off desperate patients and their families.
  • Right to Try removes FDA oversight—putting patient and drug safety at risk. We need researchers to be able to learn from any and all real-world experiences with experimental treatments. But Right to Try removes reporting requirements that help determine whether drugs are safe.

Any version of a Right to Try bill that weakens drug regulation and puts patient safety at risk is a bill that doesn’t truly put patients first. Your Representative needs to hear from you now! Tell them to vote “NO” on Right to Try.