Posted on April 2, 2022

By Krystal Redman, Executive Director

When I was interviewed by Good Housekeeping Magazine, which has an estimated online reach of over 39 million, we at Breast Cancer Actoin saw it as an exceptional opportunity to normalize conversations about the problems of pinkwashing, and to make pinkwashing a household concept across the nation.

You can support this work by making a donation today and reading more below.

Krystal Redman Illustration and Quote

The above quote is from the Good Housekeeping piece published in their February (not October!) issue that demonstrates how the dangers of pinkwashing occur year-round.

But luckily, so does our work.

That’s why I’m asking you to donate to Breast Cancer Action this spring.

Like pinkwashing extending beyond October, this spotlight on our work was also an invaluable opportunity to express what we — and other breast cancer activists — already know: barriers to equitable healthcare persist no matter what month it is. It is Breast Cancer Action’s duty to continually disrupt the systems that perpetuate the breast cancer crisis.

BCAction has challenged the breast cancer industry for over thirty years. We understand that true health justice can only be achieved by confronting and dismantling white supremacy, racism, capitalism, patriarchy, heterosexism/heteronormativity, and ableism — structures that directly affect and impair one’s ability to access equitable coverage, care, and treatment.

Your donation this spring provides us with the resources we need to confront these systems and enact structural solutions that will address the root causes of the disease and produce broad public health benefits.

Throughout the year, we are:

  • Working to achieve structural and systemic solutions that will address the root causes of the disease and produce broad public health benefits.
  • Centering the stories of those with the furthest relationship to power, ensuring that no community bears a disproportionate burden of this disease.
  • Ensuring that our small but mighty team has the resources they need to help you, our powerful community of activists, make meaningful change by holding the powerful accountable for perpetuating the breast cancer crisis.

This work is valuable and it’s year-round. Thank you in advance for your support.