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Newly diagnosed people, their loved ones, and caregivers can count on us to provide balanced, understandable, compassionate information about breast cancer research and treatment options.

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Only large-scale systemic change can address the root causes of breast cancer. Join us in taking action for people living with and at risk of breast cancer today.

Think Before You Pink

Our work to end this breast cancer challenges "pinkwashing" hypocrisy and pink ribbon culture, which have become the status quo of the breast cancer industry.



We are radical and compassionate — activists at heart with an independent, rapid-response, watchdog perspective.
BCAction was founded 30+ years ago in San Francisco during two public health crises-the AIDS outbreak and the breast cancer epidemic-and that helped shape its mission and fuel its activism. Early members apprenticed themselves to the AIDS group, ACT UP, and shared many of that group’s tactics, turning their anger into action to push for better treatments, true prevention, and investment in public health.
Our founders saw their disease not as a personal tragedy, but as a larger social justice and public health crisis. They knew that individual changes in behavior weren’t the answer, and pushed for sweeping systemic change instead.
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Our Latest Resource
What We've Learned About Breast Cancer from the California Immigrant Community
This fact sheet highlights the results of phase 1 of a collaborative research project titled “California Initiative to Prevent Breast Cancer in Immigrants.”

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September 21, 2023

Our latest fact sheet – now more accessible
Posted on September 21, 2023 By Haleemah Atobiloye, Program Manager Our most recent research project for the California Breast Cancer Research Program gave us valuable insight into our immigrant communities, and resulted in our latest fact sheet, What [...] READ MORE

September 19, 2023

We are approaching another breast cancer industry month
Posted on September 19, 2023 By Zoë Christopher, Program Manager Another pinktober begins in less than two weeks. October can be a difficult month for a lot of us: "breast cancer awareness" is suddenly a selling point, with pink ribbons plastered on [...] READ MORE

August 17, 2023

Save the date – Tuesday, October 17
Posted August 17, 2023 By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director Get your calendar out because you are invited! BCAction’s annual member connector and fundraiser, Radical Disruption Compassionate Resistance, will be Tuesday, October 17th at 4:30 PT / 5:30 MT [...] READ MORE


We provide free educational materials with unbiasedm accessible, science-based analysis of breast cancer issues untangled from free of industry influnce.


We believe that all people deserve access to patient-centered resources to make the best decisions about their care.

Think Before You Pink®

Breast Cancer Actions's Think Before You Pink campaign continues to hold the Breast Cancer Industry accountable

The absence of transparency, lack of accountability, and the widespread hypocrisy in the pink ribbon marketing culture exploits a disease that devastates communities, misrepresents who is affected by breast cancer, and excludes and marginalizes women’s diverse lived experiences of the disease



October Tuesday

Radical Disruption Compassionate Resistance
Join us for an exclusive, first-hand look into our October campaign: Think Before You Pink®, and how we bring breast cancer activism beyond “awareness” and into ACTION, this year and every year. Learn More