Posted on December 17, 2022

By KR, Executive Director

There are glaring disparities in rates of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and mortality–and this is unacceptable.

And this is why health justice values will always guide our radical work, to address and end breast cancer for all communities. 

With your support Breast Cancer Action will continue to use our independent, watchdog voice on behalf of ALL people living with and at risk of breast cancer, to focus on the systemic issues and tackle the root causes of breast cancer.

Out of this year’s Strategic Planning sessions has come our revitalized organizational vision: We envision a world in which people and communities thrive because they are healthy, liberated, and free from breast cancer.

We know that the same solutions that will most effectively address disparities in breast cancer will be the best solutions to address the breast cancer crisis overall, which is why we center in our work those with the furthest relationships to power.

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In bringing this vision to practice, we have outlined the following organizational values. At BCAction, we value:

  • People’s health and wellbeing, not corporate profit
  • Integrity and freedom from conflict of interest
  • Transparency and accountability from ourselves and others
  • Uplifting and centering diverse voices and lived experiences
  • Honesty, fearlessness, and truth-telling about the breast cancer crisis
  • Collective action and cross-movement work that changes the world for the better
  • Health justice as a human right
  • Action over awareness
  • Partnering with integrity, purpose, and passion
  • Being critical consumers of inclusive science

Thank you for your part in the continued growth of Breast Cancer Action’s unique and radical work.

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