By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

Our work is centered on breast cancer, but our impact goes far beyond the disease. We connect the dots between issues and we work at the intersection of feminism, environmental justice, and health activism. Plus, you can ALWAYS count on us to put women’s health before corporate profits because we never take money from companies that profit from or contribute to breast cancer. Donate now to support our work.

We have our work cut out for us and we’ve never been more urgently needed than at this critical time, when healthcare is threatened and regulatory agencies are being disempowered. We’re facing reductions in healthcare coverage, an increased risk of exposure to cancer-linked toxins, and weaker standards for treatment approvals. Make your year-end gift now to ensure we have the resources we need to face the current threats.

Our grassroots members, like you, ensure we have the resources we need to work tirelessly to support women living with breast cancer, honor those who have died, and protect the health of future generations.

We need your support so we can continue to demand that:

  • Social justice is at the forefront of the breast cancer movement
  • Healthcare standards are evidence-based and patient-centered so women have the information they need to make their own healthcare decisions
  • Public health comes before corporate profit in all regulatory agencies and the precautionary principle is followed
  • We have a healthcare system that provides everyone with access to high quality, affordable care
  • There is accountability and transparency in breast cancer fundraising while we challenge mainstream pink ribbon narratives and culture.

Knowing what we’re facing, your donation matters now more than ever. Thank you for making our work possible.

With heartfelt gratitude and in solidarity.