Posted on September 21, 2022

We are honored to acknowledge the following gifts made in recognition of the following members of the Breast Cancer Action community. Our grief over those we have lost, our celebration of triumphs, and our rage about the persistence of this disease fuels the fire of our activism.

This list includes donations received between January 15, 2022 through September 1, 2022. This list will be updated as necessary; please check back if you do not see your honor or memory donation. Thank you for your support and for collectively taking action with us to advance our mission to create a world free of breast cancer.

Donations Made In Honor

Abigail Arons

from Yvette and John Dubinsky

Barbara Austin

from Margie Adam and Ruth Macgregor

Jane Benson

from Eric Doyle

Ann Bryant

from Stacy Noll

Joseph and Lucy Capotorto

from Jean Warshaw

from Monica Gioni

Colleen Eilbert

from Olga Franklin

Lauren Denenberg

from Tamara Turner and James Horn

Angela Due

from Anonymous

Pat Freeman

from Lashanda Freeman

Dorothy Geoghegan

from Diane Carr

Christine Kitchel Hirabayashi

from Cathy and Charles Gray

Diane Hopster

from Kevin P. McNamara

Esther Jones

from Shane Sanders

Gail Kaufmann

from Regina Myer

Billie Gardner Loulan

from Denise Notzon

JoAnn Loulan

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

from Diane Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell

from Mara and Rick Wallace

from Tracy Sherman

JoAnn & Billie Loulan

from Amy Loulan

Susan Gray Mason

from Cathy and Charles Gray

Hilde Meislin

from Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Laura Rodman Mori

from Kaz Mori

Beatriz Pesquera

from Gail Kaufman

Elana Silver

from Annette Silver

Tamatha Thomas-Haase

from Freda Hobbs

from Barbara Palmer

from Chelsea Fuller

from Jennifer Bladen

from Michelle Carter

Gustavo Torrez

from Patty Torrez

Women everywhere

from Robin Keyser

Donations Made In Memory

Eileen Alperstein

from Olivia Alperstein

Joyce Ambrosini

from Margaret G. Langston

Lidia Angel

from Angela Angel

Rita Arditti

from Dr. Barbara Rubin

Barbara Brenner

from Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson

Sarah deHaaff

from Shirley Haberfeld

Sheila Faris

from Dorothy Polash and Kevin Edwards

Elsie May Fincher

from D. Robin Toews

Shelley Fiscus

from Brad Fiscus

Catherine Fuller

from Dorothy Polash and Kevin Edwards

Billie Gardner Loulan

from Cathy Haight

from Jan Wilkinson

from Jane and Stacey Zones

Casmyra “Casey” Graveline

from Robert Graveline

Chasmin Johnson

from Chaz Johnson

Melinda K. Gordon

from Nancy Gordon

Sue Ann Brownlee James & Kerri Lynn James Geary

from Dorothy Pedicord

from Karen Shmidt

from Marcia Seawell

from Shirley Bowman

Maggie Marceau

from Darlene Peck

Joan McCarthy

from Dorothy Geoghegan

Ella Mermelstein

from Sandy Mermelstein

Shirley Mills

from Brian Mills

Julie Morgan

from Maureen Dugan

Linda Naumann

from Susan Umbarger

Dr. Marti Nelson

from Patricia Jordan

Ellen Palmer

from Marianne Sargent

Beatriz Pesquera

from Gail Kaufman

Teresa Peters

from Wendy Hutchinson

Peggy Quinlan

from Patricia Quinlan

Candice Rice

from Paris Adkins-Jackson

Marnie Schulenburg

from Danielle Scher

Miriam Violet Shapiro

from Dianne and Nelson Shapiro

Carol Sheinfeld

from Susan Sheinfeld

Lucy Sherak

from Ken Fischer and Carlyn M. Montes De Oca

Suzanna Stinnett

from Mark Surks

Libby Stone

from Elle Hoffnagel

Liz Suarez

from Leonie and Glen Janken

Karen Tate

from Cindy Russell and David Smernoff

from Tracy Sherman

Ms. Patricia Torrez

from L. Ganti

Lynn Tredway

from Robert T. and Dawn W. Barkley

from Thomas and Susan Blahak

from Douglas Favero

from Janet Forlines

from John Hadley

from JoAnn Hansen

from Paula Johnson

from Jeanine Kauffman

from Julia Manbeck

from Beverly Muffly

from Gail Rosso

from Ken Simon

from Lora Tredway

from Barbara Weinstein

Janet Wray

from Carla Wray

Pegi Young

from Annie Noonan and Jeff Wohl

Roselie Zabala

from Annette David