Posted on March 8, 2021

We are honored to acknowledge the following gifts made in recognition of the following members of the Breast Cancer Action community. Our grief over those we have lost, our celebration of triumphs, and our rage about the persistence of this disease fuels the fire of our activism.

This list includes 2022 & 2023 donations received by March 1, 2023. This list will be updated as necessary; please check back if you do not see your honor or memory donation. Thank you for your support and for collectively taking action with us to advance our mission to create a world free of breast cancer.

Donations Made In Honor

Shelley Alpern

From Shelley Alpern 

Abigail Arons

from Diane Wexler

Joyce Bichler

From Anonymous

From Marci Greenstein

Carole DeJesus

From Lorraine Burton

Barbara Ehrenreich

From Tom Reid 

Lucy Emeson

From Sally Emeson

Susan Enright- Nichols

From Mary Enright-Olson

Michele Fine

From Maureen McGee

Sheila Flaherty

From Suzanne Crawford

Karen Glovin-Klein

From Matthew Schwartz and Karen Levesque

Laura Hamasaka

From William Furmanski

Sarah Kilpatrick

From Thomas Drake

From Evelyn Kowitz

From Lesley Mann

From Lynn Rigney Schott

From Elizabeth Shaw

From Lisa Wolfe

Carolyn Kolb

From Lucy Whitworth

 Joyce Kole

From Stephanie Russin

JoAnn Loulan

From Celia Oakley

Sallie Matthews

From Ronald Liesmann

Susan McLaughlin

From FICO Corp

Hilde Meislin

From Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Monique Molino

From Diana Bennett

Rosario Morales

From Ricardo Levins Morales

Darcy Novick & Edward Barra

From John Papandrea

Beatriz Pesquera

From Gail Kaufman

Ellie Prenstis

From Rebecca Krebs

Bunny Schwartz

From Anonymous

Ellen Schwerin

From Lee Sider

Calvin Sheets

From Gail Ronneburger

Tammy Shimizu

From Anonymous

Elana Silver

From Annette Silver

Karen Sivgardt

From Audrey Webb

Dorian Solot

From Suzanne Miller

Stacey Strongarone

From Charles Fields

From Megan Golden

From Alissa Murgia

From Marguerite Nugent

From Mary O’Reilly

Tamatha Thomas-Haase

From Anonymous

From Melinda Fishman

Tracy, Susan, Zeuf and More

From Mark Lipson

Donations Made In Memory

 Joyce Ambrosini

From Margaret G Langston

Joan Angleman

From Pamela Angleman

Rita Arditti

From Estelle Disch

Barbara Brenner

From Irma Herrera

From Ellen Leopold

From Tom Reilly

From Mady Shumofsky

From Janet Sommer

From Jan Tarika Sobieraj

From Kathi Turner

Jacqueline Capute

From Rachael Shworm

Barbara Coleman

From Kathy Cheska

Emily Dunn

From Michael MacVeigh

Merle Fincher

From D. Robin Toews

Margaret Fuller

From Laurie Fuller

Barbara M B Garlock

From Anonymous

Laurel Hedley

From Mary Hedley

Bonnie Heit

From Herva Schwartz

Peter Homer

From J D Holmwood

Renu Jaspal

From Anonymous

Mary Beth Johnson

From Dennis Fong

Jeanette Kerr

From Nene Koch

Kathleen Kopitke

From Rebecca Morton

Nancy Levanthal

From Joan Goldblatt

Julie Morgan

From Anonymous

From Nancy Parenteau

Loryn Morton

From Robert Morton

Deb Mosley

From Tina Connelly

Clara Nugent

From Marguerite Nugent

Ellen Palmer

From Anne Brennan

Lyrio Pendergast

From Deannalani Realina

Jennie Pennington

From David Wingo

Elenore Pred

From Julia Tower

Sue Rauer

From Anonymous

Debra Singleton

From G. Lynn Huber

Eularee Smith

From Anonymous

Anne Elizabeth Somsel

From Stephen V. Kobasa

Maral Wingo

From Kristi Corley

Noah Wolfson and Barry Kaufman

From Alice Wolfson