Posted on January 18, 2021

We are honored to acknowledge the following gifts made in honor or memory of members of the Breast Cancer Action community. Our grief over those we have lost and our rage about the persistence of this disease fuels the fire of our activism.

This list includes 2021 donations received by January 13, 2022. This list will be updated as necessary; if you don’t see your donation please check back. Thank you for your support.

Donations Made In Honor

Abigail Arons

from Dr. Elissa Arons

from Eva Bonime

from Naomi Jatovsky

from Joel Palefsky and Glenn Peacock

from Barbara Perskie

from Joy Riskin

from Maddy Russell-Shapiro

from Diane Wexler and Bruce Beron

Anne-Louise Attar

from Katherine Attar

Lori Baralt

from Todd and Vicki Scherwin

Barbara and Doris Ann

from Marie Garlock PhD

Allison Belony

from Enock Belony

Bonnie Berman

from Paula Frost

Joyce Bichler

from Marci Greenstein

from Casey and Kathleen Durkin

Madelaine Birnbaum

from Nina Birnbaum

Mae Bragen

from Harvey and Judy and Harvey Barnett

Rose Brown

from Linda Sue Johnson

Rochelle Bryant

from Amanda Harmon-Perera

Judy Bushnell

from Susan Fitzgerald and Alexandra Altman

Maria Chua

from Stephanie Schus

Julie D.

from Nancy Lyons

Elaine Dallman

from JoAnna Scandiffio

Suzanne David-Villanueva

from Annette David

Betty Emerson

from Lauren Westreich and Bob Emerson

Lucy Emeson

from Sally Emeson and Mally Arad

Eli and Tessa Fastiff

from Dr. Susan Rako

Jisih Gildart

from Ivan Martinez

Marnie Gillette

from Julia and David Nelson-Gal

Samantha Gottlieb

from Megan Prentiss

Dana Grande

from Dana Grande

Catherine Guthrie

from Elizabeth Gallagher

Mary Harris

from Donna Harris

Sarah K. & in support of Dot Javorka & Andrea Hartwig

from Simon Abeid

from Thomas Drake

from Lesley Mann

from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Schott

Linda Haynes Slowik

from Suzanne Kwasniewski

June Hefele

from Judith Giardina

Gibby Heiser

from Danielle Stryker

Kate Holcombe

from Robert Appel

Peggy Huston

from Rex Huston

Susan Jones

from Timothy Rodrigues

Marcy Joseph

from Margaret Mahoney

Barry Kaufman

from Nina Robinson and Lincoln Cushing

Gail Kaufman

from Big Wayne

from Regina Myer

from Phyllis Schoenwald

Barbara Kirby

from Kaitlyn Stelmack

Karen Klein

from Bill Hirsh

Stephen V. Kobasa and his late wife Anne E. Somsel

from Paul Kobasa

Kathleen Kopitke

from Rebecca Morton

Marsha L. W. H.

from Shane Gartner

Suzanne Lampert and Barbara Brenner

from Margie Adam and Ruth Macgregor

Billie Gardner Loulan

from Susie and John Loulan

JoAnn Loulan

from Jennifer Savage and John Dawson

Billie & Sandie Loulan & Fujita

from Gardner Loulan and Liz Miracle

Mary Beth Gallagher

from Cherry Cox

Kathleen Jean Marshall

from Ann Kolian

from Mike Kolian

from Tracy Kolian

Kathleen McCormick

from Arlene Echols

Hilde Meislin

from Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Julie Michaels

from Carol Harley

Monique Molino

from Jennie Brown

from Lorene Miller

from Lisa Weiner

Shelby Morgan

from Kate Monico Klein

Roz Morris, in memory of your sister

from Muriel Myer

Sue Nevarez

from Lisa Wanzor and Sarah Marxer

Our loved ones with breast cancer

from Shawna R. Nixon

Lopa Pal

from Shalmali Pal

Ann Patterson

from Elle Hoffnagel

Chase Pearce

from Kimberly Balsam

from Nancy Ferreyra

Pauline Peele

from Tori Freeman

Janine Braak Peregrine

from Douglas Braak

Beatriz Pesquera

from Gail Kaufman

Ellie Prentice

from Rebecca Krebs

Janet Rachel

from Sandra Morris

Dr. Krystal Redman

from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

Penelope Rylka Gordon

from Robert T. Gordon Jr.

Bunny Schwartz

from Robyn Schwartz

Ellen Schwerin

from Lee Sider

SFREA (OCII) Chapter of Local 21 IFPTE SFREA (OCII) Chapter of Local 21 IFPTE

from Jane Suskin

Elana Silver

from Annette Silver

Lee Ann Slinkard

from Betsy Cotton

Duitch Sloane

from Peter Dreier

Eularee Smith

from Jala Smith-Huys

Gabriela Sosa

from Lisa Pred-Sosa and Juan Sosa

Dale Spector

from Lynn Cooper

Maxine Speyer

from Susan E Cohen

Robin Stockton

from Mark Hirshfeld

Gail Sweeney

from Zoë Christopher

Karen Tate

from Marjel Scheuer

Tamatha Thomas -Haase

from Tammi L Fuller

from Lincoln Dice

from Jennifer Bladen

from Sara Litts

from Serelia McKay

from Tiffany Netters

from Barbara Palmer

from Tracey Strader Faiazi

from Emily Sussman

from Charlotte Thomas

Pam & Ron Wassel

from Karen Wisniewski and Robert Boucher

Catherine Williams

from Jennifer Casey

Evelyn Wisenberg

from Sandra Wisenberg and Lincoln Cohen

Karen Wright

from Bertina Lee

Joanne Yeaton

from Noah Sochet

Jane Zones

from Adriane Fugh-Berman

Donations Made In Memory

Joyce Ambrosini

from Margaret G Langston

Nancy Arcelona

from Elyse Eng

Wolfgang Baer

from Susan Rosen

Linda Baralt

from Ernest and Mary Baralt

from Susie Goldberg

Barbara Brenner

from Beth Chapman

from Abby Cohen

from Karen Glikman, Jerene DeLaney, and M.C. Duboscq

from Dorothy Ehrlich

from Phyllis Hatfield

from Irma Herrera and Mark D. Levine

from Leonie and Glen Janken

from Leah Kaizer and David Salk

from Ellen Leopold

from Susan Liroff

from Helen Love

from Deborah Marx and David Helfant, PhD

from Hedda Orkin

from Tom Reilly and Kevin James

from Penny Rosenwasser

Roxanne Busch

from Ronnie Sandler

Silva Capotorto

from John Capotorto

Valerie Charles

from Kristen McIntyre

Susan Claymon

from Michael Claymon

Angela Consolo and Alison Ramsey

from Leah Bass-Baylis

Cindy Curtin Romagnoli

from Dorothy Goodrich

Jean S. Davis & Karen D. Ennis

from Nancy Davis and Donna J. Hitchens

Patricia Davis

from Lauren Kearney

Sarah deHaaff

from Wendy Lichtman

Suzie Dod Thomas

from Jane Armbruster Malcolm Davis and Malcolm Davis

Madeline Drager Kanner

from Dr. Margaret Rose Draeger

Margaret Durczak Dezman

from Constance Kobalka

Isabelle Dutkiewicz

from Mary Andreozzi

Debra Escobido

from Nikki Gage

Marion Finkle

from Jeffrey Issenberg

Hillary Flynn

from Katherine Woodruff and Tim Miller

Helen T Foley

from Maureen McGee

Lorrita Ford

from Janet Tom

Doris Wechsler Freidin

from Ralph Freidin M.D.

Lynne Friedman

from Alissa Friedman

Margaret Fuller

from Laurie Fuller

Eulalia Galima

from Ann Marie Alanes

Marybeth Gallagher

from Barbara Maher

Marnie Geisert

from Leslie Doyle

Chryse Glackin

from Madelene Deleon

Lois M. Goldsby

from Sharon Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

Melinda K. Gordon

from Nancy Gordon

Marion Gray

from Deborah Farkas and Mary Faria

Sandra Lee Hagen Goldstucker

from Nancy Hagen Goldstucker

Laurel Hedley

from Mary Hedley and Stephen Morrell

Barbara Heit

from Herva (Bunny) Schwartz

Alice Hoffman

from David Hoffman

Trudy Holdan

from Sharon Goldau

Renu Jaspal

from Naveena Jaspal

Mary Beth Johnson

from Dennis Fong

Shirley Jones-Martin

from Verlinda Sharp

Andrea Klein

from Karen Klein and Ben Golvin

Linda Beth Kogan

from Jennifer Altmann

Linda Kogan

from Katherine Praska

Adeline Miller Lanz

from Mary Lanz

Frances Larocque

from Lynn MacDougall-Fleming

Daphne Laurance

from Ann Kruzich

Nancy Leventhal

from Joan and Steven Goldblatt

Marjorie Lewis

from Barbara Lewis

Julie Linder

from Mark Goldman

from Paul Lindner

from Carolyn Oconnor

Billie Gardner Loulan

from Cathy Haight

from Susie and John Loulan

Kay Lyou

from Janette Lawrence

Many friends

from Aliza Shapiro

Kathy Marks

from Kathy Marks

Betty Mayman

from Linda Burnett

Cheryl Mcmillan

from Donna Zacchero

Winnie Miller

from Sharon Mariampolski

Julie Morgan

from Abigail Arons and Matthew Bennett

from Lori Baralt

from Pete Bell

from Robin Bruns Worona

from Amanda Cline

from Elaine Costello and Bud Dougherty

from Christopher Gantz

from Lori Geronimo

from Laura Goodspeed

from Lila Hansen

from Daniel Horn and Mike Kopicko

from Peggy Huston

from Justin Martin

from Jennifer Morgan and Andrew Donnalley

from Jenifer Navarro

from Bridget Parr

from Laurie Pomeranz

from Yamini and Tushar Ranchod

from Ashley Reese

from Donna Rosa

from Elana and Charlie Silver

from Ashley Vinson

from Catherine Williams

from Peter Yang

Loryn Morton

from Robert Morton

Tanya Neiman

from Brett Mangels

Emily Nordlund

from James Nordlund

Jacqueline Normile

from Lisa Korwin and Kip Walsh

Diane Olds

from Kathleen Weitz

Nancy Osborn

from Deborah M Fisch

Ellen Palmer

from Marianne Sargent

Jean Paradiso

from Oliver Judd

Karen Pelkey

from Marcy Pelkey

Lyrio Pendergast

from Deannalani Realina

Elenore Pred

from Julia Tower

Erika Reimer

from Nancy Freire

Harriet Richman

from Heather Richman

Richard Rosen

from Sandra Leader

from Dale & Jeff Sklar

Brenda Roth

from Eleanor Barrett

from Janice Brody and Bruce Rule

from Claudia Cappio and Peg Stone

Shirley Ruiz

from Jennifer Lajoie

Sue Scovel

from Allyson Johnson

Marjorie Seashore

from Jeffrey Hobson

Miram Shapiro

from Dianne and Nelson Shapiro

Carol Sheinfeld

from Susan Sheinfeld

Susan Stocking

from Dr. Bonnie Spanier

Boris Subbotin

from Kyra Subbotin

from Mark Subbotin

Carol Symon

from Dianne Martucci

Karen Tate

from Johonna and Aaron Katz

Karen Tate and Christine LaFia

from Carrie Lukatch

Frances Thomann

from Lisette and Greg Lehman

Alyson Tischler

from Emily Sippola

Lila Wagonhope-Simpson

from Joan Hutchinson

Nancy Baker Walter

from Catherine Teare and Christine Lahey

John Walter Wilhelmy

from Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow

Caroline Yacoub

from Rosie Yacoub

Joanne M. Yeaton

from Renetia Martin and Joe Massey

Marilyn Zivian

from Anna Zivian