Posted on May 2, 2024

By Heather Perkins, Deputy Director

This is Heather Perkins with Breast Cancer Action.

I joined BCAction in July 2022 because of YOU. You, the person who knows that cancer sucks, and that with continued collective action, we will address and end the breast cancer crisis. You are receiving this email because you want a world where all people can thrive, free from breast cancer. 

Last year, during BCAction’s Spring Appeal fundraising campaign, my partner and I donated $130. This year, we are donating $140 to celebrate BCAction’s achievements, and to celebrate 14 years of me being breast cancer free.

Will you join me in donating some of your hard-earned money to address and end the breast cancer crisis?

You have actively been raising your voice, taking thoughtful action, and investing your time and money into causes so, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a thriving life.

In supporting BCAction, your decisions make direct impacts on the lives of other people in positive and effective ways.

As a longtime supporter of BCAction, you know the work achieved over the past 34 years has made lasting, positive changes in our communities and on systems and structures, to demand people’s health and wellbeing come before corporate profit and political gains.

I invest my time, talent, and money into BCAction because I know the work we have done, and continue to do, will create healthier environments and communities, for everyone.

I write you today to ask for your continued support. Please continue to raise your voice with us, sign onto legislation to urge necessary changes from systems and structures, and to donate your hard-earned money to our mission to stop breast cancer before it starts.

One dollar at a time helps us continue the work. And remember – our work is untarnished by corporate greed or agendas. Instead, your dollars go directly to addressing and ending the breast cancer crisis and to achieving health justice, so we can create more quality, healthy time with loved ones.

Thank you for your unyielding support of Breast Cancer Action!