By Rebecca Saltzman, Deputy Director

Breast Cancer Action’s watchdog role has never been more important, as corporations and industry-friendly officials use COVID-19 as yet another an excuse to put profits before public health protections. Thanks to members like you, we work to block actions that put our public health at risk in the name of profit.

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Corporations are taking advantage of the current atmosphere of politicized science to swoop in and relax the regulations that are meant to keep our water, air, and our health safe. But we are pushing back and holding lawmakers and agencies like the EPA accountable.

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Because the evidence is clear: when corporations are allowed to pollute our air, we pay the price with higher rates of breast cancer and higher risk of death from COVID-19. Air pollution harms everyone, and communities of color always bear the greatest burden. Your gift helps Breast Cancer Action keep working to:

  • Stop the Trump administration’s proposed “Censored Science” rule, which was developed to undermine the Clean Air Act. If implemented, this rule would hobble the EPA by preventing the use of most environmental health research in determining safety standards
  • Urge California’s Governor Gavin Newson to stop fracking and dangerous oil drilling, including the recent approval of 24 new fracking permits, despite having instituted a moratorium on fracking last summer.
  • Watchdog any new federal nominees, by this administration or the next. Because too many agencies are being headed by people with deep ties to industry that create deep conflicts of interest.

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We know that currupt industry is well funded and organized, and they’ll never pass up an opportunity to take advantage of a crisis for their own financial benefit. That’s why your support today is so important to ensure Breast Cancer Action can continue being an independent watchdog for public health.