By Jayla Burton

Let the countdown to Pinktober begin!

For us, October is breast cancer industry month. Corporate giants and mega-nonprofits have taken advantage of this month to exploit breast cancer for their own gain and to make it look like they care about the breast cancer crisis. Government leaders have claimed to care about breast cancer but refuse to stop corporate greed or significantly help those living with or at risk of breast cancer. The truth is that the pink ribbon frame of mind, all the pink products, and cause marketing only trivialize breast cancer and will never get to the root of the epidemic.

Over the years, we have pushed back on awareness without action, pinkwashing, misinformation, and the sexualization of the disease with our Think Before You Pink® campaign. We will be calling out four offenders- one each Monday in October, and we’re counting on you to join us in action!

Here are four things you can do to get ready for this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign:

  1. Get ready to take action – Stay tuned! We’ll be releasing four actions that you can participate in every Monday throughout the month of October. Get ready to hit the ground running!
  2. Tag your friends, family, and colleagues to join us in action throughout the month by sharing on social media and forwarding the actions in your circle.  
  3. Honor three decades of challenging the mainstream breast cancer movement at our virtual 30th Anniversary event on October 15. Join our community for a night of great speakers, video, and entertainment. Our Interim Executive Director Marj Plumb will speak about this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign and share a preview of week three’s campaign for our guests.
  4. Help make this work possible with a donation. We refuse funding from any corporations that profit from or contribute to the breast cancer epidemic. Your contribution helps to continue our work.

We are not going to normalize the lack of progress in prevention and treatment. Get ready to join us in holding bad actors accountable! Stay tuned for the launch of our 2020 Think Before You Pink® campaign on October 1st.

Are you ready to make a difference?