Thank you so much to those who joined us for our San Francisco book launch celebration for So Much to be Done: The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner last Monday May 23rd.

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A special thanks to all the sponsors who made the event possible: The University of Minnesota Press, ACLU of Northern California, Suzanne Lampert, Angela Wall, Cheri Pies and Melina Linder, Steven and Ann Veta Brick, Claudio A. Cappio, Kathleen J. Purcell, Elizabrth C. Pritzker, Cheri Bryant, Ellen J. Greenburg, Duncan J. Watry, Karen Glikman and M.C. Duboscq

Writings of Barbara Brenner

Barbara Brenner was a hell-raiser of the first order. As Breast Cancer Action’s executive director for 15 years, she was a powerful advocate for women living with and at risk of breast c [...]

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