Friday, May 5th, 2023 • 7:00-10:00 pm

Once again in person! At the home of Pamela Dorrell and Amit Pandey in Portola Valley

For 19 years, powerful, critical-thinking community members have gathered to honor family and friends affected by breast cancer. Thank you for joining us as we came together to address and end the breast cancer crisis.

Created in honor of her mother Billie Gardner Loulan, former Board Member and treasured BCAction Activist JoAnn Loulan created this vibrant annual event that supports Breast Cancer Action’s work to address and end the breast cancer crisis. This year’s dynamic live event featured BCAction’s Executive Director Dr. Krystal Redman (KR) in conversation with Dr. Rainbow Rubin, Director of Science with Breast Cancer Prevention Partners who drew connections between the climate crisis, environmental exposures and the impact on people living with and at risk of breast cancer.

Also featuring: red hot music and dancing with Dr. Sig and the Super Naturals, featuring Ronny Crawford, Beth Stovall, Sig Knapstad, and Greg “Smitty” Smith!

Those that joined us not only attended a stellar event, they invested in a critical cause to address and end breast cancer. Thank you for being a part of this phenomenal fundraiser that features delicious food, an. inspiring program, energetic band, exciting auction items, and wildly radical changemakers – YOU!

Featured Speakers

Dr. Rainbow Rubin, PhD, MPH, Director of Science, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

Rainbow Rubin (she/her) received an MPH in Environmental Health from UC Berkeley and a PhD in nutritional biology from UC Davis where she conducted post-doctoral research in epidemiology and exposure science in the School of Public Health. She received a Fellowship in Reproductive and Environmental Health at UC San Francisco where she worked with the US EPA to expand their definition of at-risk populations to include pregnant women. Her research focuses on the health impacts associated with early life toxic exposure in vulnerable groups. Her article on children’s cancer risks from dietary contaminants found that safe exposure levels are exceeded for five persistent, bioaccumulative contaminants commonly found in the food supply. She assessed health outcomes associated with in utero perchlorate exposure from water and documented altered birth outcomes associated with elevated exposure in baby boys. Rainbow is passionate about translating environmental health research for the public.

Dr. Krystal Redman, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action

Krystal RedmanRooted in their political lineage of grassroots organizing and activism toward Black and queer liberation and health equity in the heart of LA–Dr. Redman (they/she) centers their work in health justice, the liberation of folx who reside deep within the margins, and in reproductive justice. Dr. Redman is a self-published author, and a frequent speaker throughout sexual and reproductive justice, and health justice movement(s), as well as in the public health sector. They bring over 16 years of experience in leading health promotion and disease prevention initiatives, as well as organizing towards equitable access, care, and treatment within community-based and centered programs. Prior to beginning her relationship with Breast Cancer Action, Dr. Redman has held executive leadership positions within public health and healthcare organizations. They also continue to lead a southern-based reproductive justice organization. Mainly, her role(s) have centered on working to expand resources, information, health education, and access to equitable care and coverage to young people, womxn, and families. Beyond her work in service to those with the furthest relationships to power, Dr. Redman is most proud and driven by their role as a parent to her cute little ones who keep her animated, grounded, and centered.

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