Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


Breast Cancer Action gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 10, 2017 – April 2, 2018.

Abigail Arons
from Eva Bonime
from Joanna Pozen
from Lily Dorment
from Terry Holzman
from Wendy and Jim Mnookin
from Yvette and John Dubinsky

Abigail Arons and Matthew Bennett
from Dr. Elissa Arons

Akhtar Mohajer
from Seyfollah Bazarjani

Alicechandra Fritz
from Margaret Conkey

Alison Braverman
from Vicki Green and Robert Curry

All of the wonderful oncology nurses who make life better for women and men with breast cancer!
from Dianne Romanos

All the women
from Lynne Wittenberg

All the women who go through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
from E. Frances Hamilton and Libby Langston

Amy Finke’s birthday
from Mimi Klane

from Kathryn Davis

Anne Demers
from Christina Goette

Babs Attard
from Theresa Attard

Barbara Brenner and Karuna Jaggar
from Angela Wall, Andrew Rivera and Frances Wall

Betty Emerson
from Lauren Westreich and Bob Emerson

Beverly Canin
from Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester

Blonnie Brooks
from Lindsey Beckwith

Bosom Buddies of Lincoln Hills
from Mary and Douglas Brown

Carmella Masi
from Kaitlin Walker

Carol Dilworth
from Lauren Owens

Carol Teltschick
from Nina Smith

Debbara Dingmon
from Barbara Thomason and Anna Crawford

Deborah Mendelsohn
from Carole L. Mendelsohn

Debra Chasnoff
from Lisa Honig and Dale Schroedel

Diane Ziff
from Barb Lando

Dolores Taylor
from Loco Lindo

Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal

Dorothy Geoghagen
from Joseph Conway

Drew and Tamar Fleming
from Matthew McCormick

Elana Silver
from Annette Silver

Elissa Arons
from Jane Weingarten

Ellen Schwerin
from Lee Sider

Ellie Prentice
from Rebecca Krebs

Erica Fielder
from Linda Jupiter and Linda Trus

Erin Black
from Molly Kranovich

Erin Wise
from Elaine and Mr. Matthew Norton Wise

Ernie Werlin
from Anonymous

Felicia Toni
from John Luipold

For all the hard work of BCAction
from Claudia Cappio and Peg Stone

Frances Lando
from Barb Lando

Fred Gertler
from Karin Rumstedt

Gladys Sherak
from Claire Bernstein

Gladys Sherak
from Vera Sandronsky

Hilde Meislin
from Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Holly Hefele
from Judith Giardina

Jackie Emery
from Dora Weaver

Jackie Hinckley
from Jeanette Millard

Janet Frost and Nina Robinson
from Gail Kaufman

Janine Braak Peregrine and Cindy Ward
from Douglas Braak

Jeanne Cordova
from Susan Sexton

Jennifer Eyl
from Linda Carucci and Allen Rehmke

Jill Van Siclen/Dalton
from Tara Dalton

Joan Massey
from Kimberly Massey

JoAnn Loulan
from Gardner Loulan and Liz Miracle

Joyce Bichler and Mike Kimbarow
from Denise and Todd Helfstein
from Sonny and Donne Davis
from Sue Tobachnik and Arnie Berman

Julie Morgan
from John and Jo Ann Morgan
from Tracie Hakkinen

Karen Klein
from Bill Hirsh
from China Brotsky and Daniel Roth
from Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden

Karuna  Jaggar
from Barry Zuckerman, Marcy Darnovsky and Morissa Zuckerman
from Dylan Jaggar
from Judith Norsigian
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris
from Marj Plumb and Tracy Weitz
from Susie Brain

Karuna Jaggar and the awesome BCAction staff!!!
from Sahru and Joe Keiser

Kate Frisher
from William Mcaneny

Kate Holcomb
from Anh Oppenheimer
from Kareen Donegan
from Robert Appel

Katherine Scandiffio
from JoAnna Scandiffio

Kay and Frank
from Margaret Wood

Kelly Karandjeff
from Ernest Karandjeff

Laura Hamasaka
from Julie Moed

Laura Rodman Mori
from Kazuo Mori

Lee Bevis
from Marilyn Levin

Lee Price
from Dr. Ziadee Cambier

Leslie Pressman
from Susan Rosen

Libby Siegel
from Kelly Donoghue

Linda Slowik
from Suzanne Kwasniewski

Linda Winter
from Sandra Blair

Lisa Jane Hardy
from Jane Davis

Lisa Newfield
from Nancy and Phillip Newfield

Lisa Pauzar
from Jennifer Morris

LIsa Troedsen
from Lori Rae and Deke Hunter

Lori Baralt
from Olga DeGuenther

Lori Leigh Gieleghem
from Karen Merritt

Lori, her mama, Dolores, and Lesa
from Katina Joncich

Louise Taub
from Meave O’Connor

Madelaine Birnbaum
from Nina Birnbaum

Martha Price
from Jennifer and Janis Abbingsole

Mary Dunlap
from Katie Dunlap

Matthew Read
from Forest Calvin Read

Melissa Peacock
from Dr. Devon Webster

My Beloved Aunt Grace
from Anne Friedman

Nancy Markowitz
from Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow

Nicole X. Osborne
from Sandra L Wisenberg

Norma Litman
from Laurie Litman and Dale Steele

Oncology Support Program
from Barbara Sarah

Patty Lynne Campomizzi
from Carol Campomizzi

Peggy Huston
from Ann Nordin
from Jim Bonato
from Monica Garner
from Rex Huston

Peggy Huston-Holden and Janice Warneke Riske
from Hugh Holden

Priscilla Rosenwald
from Julie Becker and Joshua Berlin

Renetia Martin
from Renetia Martin and Joseph Massey

Rev Janice Fairchild
from David Fairchild

Rita Arditti
from Gilda Bruckman

Rochelle Wunsch
from Barbara Wunsch

Ronnie and Dale Kuznetz
from Marcia and Alan Kimbarow

Sallee Humpfrey
from Madeline Kokes

Sally Elkington
from Linda Carucci and Allen Rehmke

Sarah Douglas
from Bonnie Douglas
from Marie Vitulli

Sofia Merajver, M.D., Ph.D.
from Ruth Freedman

Stacy Goldsby
from Sharon Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

Stephanie Appell
from Jessica Cohen

Stephanie O.
from Dena Taylor

Susan Stocking
from Dr. Bonnie Spanier

The Athey Grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry

The team at BCAction- for all they do
from Kate-Madonna Hindes

Victoria Brady, Susan Thompson, Joan Caravalho
from Margot McFedries

Woon Gee Cho
from Amy Cho
from Nicholas Feinberg

Your own Kira Jones!
from Charlea Massion

Zein and Zeina Mikati Murib
from Tom Pryor


Breast Cancer Action gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between November 10, 2017 – April 2, 2018.

Alexandra Crossland (My Mum)
from Emma Crossland

Amy Grabel
from Sandy Bailey and Liz Nania

Ann Emmons
from Dr. Rebecca Weigel

Ann Lieber
from Rose Katz

Anna Blum
from Leah and Peter Csapo

Anne Elizabeth Somsel
from Stephen Kobasa

Anne Rosenbaum
from Neshsms Franklin

Anne Somsel
from Ellen Rubin

Annie Southworth
from Heather Lind

Asmita Saoji
from Mayuresh Saoji

Babs Attard
from Barbara Attard

Barbara Brenner
from Adriane Fugh-Berman
from Carl and Gay Grunfeld
from Carmen Ortiz
from Cathy Tennant and Virginia Bassi
from Deborah Marx
from Elaine Elinson and Rene Ciriacruz
from Ellen Reath
from Gerald Epstein and Fran Deutsch
from Heather and Kitt Sawitsky
from Jan Sobieraj
from Justin Brenner
from Lorie Nachlis and Abby Abinanti
from Mary Anne Courtney and Beverly Scott
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Nancy Pemberton and Jeff Parker
from Penelope Cooper and Rena Rosenwasser
from Richard and Amanda Brenner
from Sara Gould
from Sharon Batt
from Susan Liroff
from Tom Reilly and Kevin James

Barbara Neckel
from Mary and Jon Drinnon

Barbara Scott
from Leah Kaizer and David Salk

Betty LaPaix Goldstein
from Lori Polacek

Bev Stolker-Drake and Sharon Villers-Pifer
from Thomas Drake

Bonnie Heit
from Herva Bunny Schwartz

Brenda Redman
from Melissa Justice

Brenda Roth
from Eleanor Barrett

Carmen Sudduth
from Ann de Vitry

Carol Alexander
from Katherine Mattes

Carol Sheinfeld
from Susan Sheinfeld

Celia Berman
from Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow

Christine Tamblyn
from Ruth Tamblyn

Connie Harms and Judee King
from Dona Santo

Courtney Schulze
from Alison Wang

Debbie Escobido and Claire Engleander
from Nikki Gage

Debra Chasnoff
from Mimi Klausner
from Penny Rosenwasser
from StaceyJoan Shuster-Lefkowitz

Debra Mayo
from Sharon and Eugene Sullivan

Deena Glass
from Prudence Glass

Desi Owens
from Jill Israel

Dotty and Max Bichler
from Arlene and Robert Stams

Eleanor Morrison
from Susan Morrison

Elenore Pred
from Julia Tower
from Julie Gottschalk

Ellen Ray
from Meredith Slater

Emily Rachel Petak
from Reed Petak

Florence Lessler Siebeck- my mom
from Marcia Heaney

Gladys Sherak
from John Foley

Heidi Sommer
from Tina Eshaghpour and David Silberman

Helen Tonegato
from Barbara Attard

from Regan Quick-Severin

Jeanne Day
from Roz and Irv Ehudin

Jeanne Stahl
from Wendy Hutchinson

Jennifer Dieges
from Megan Farley

Jill Gallagher
from Alicia Hasper

Joan Bachand
from Edward Bachand

JoAnne Riedesel
from Sonda Oppewal

Jodi Lent Beldotti
from Martha Crusius and Tom Lent

Joyce Ambrosini & Sara V. Allison
from Margaret Langston

Judith Brady
from Judith Lesner
from Maia Syfers

Karen Levinson Gaughan
from Nina Gregg

Karson Leitch Beaty
from Leigh Walker

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens and Alan Stephens

Laurel Hedley
from Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell

Lauren Bohlman
from William Bamberger

Linda Brogan
from Donna Brogan

Linda Kluber
from Marlene Lerner-Bigley

Lisa Pauzar
from Jennifer Morris

from Carmi Orenstein

Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon and John Einstoss

Lorrie Hoover
from James Butler and Dorothy Hall

Lucy Emeson
from Sally Emeson and Mally Arad

Lynda Baralt
from Harriet Senn

Madeline Draeger Kanner
from Dr. Margaret Rose Draeger

Marcy Libster
from Ms. Rachelle Fox

Margy Teixeira
from Barb Jarmoska

Marianne Locacio
from Stephanie George

Marilyn Larson
from Anita Simmons

Marilyn Zivian
from Arnold Portner
from Christopher Burrows
from Robert Shalit

Marjorie Lewis
frim Barbara Lewis

Mary Courtney Schulze
from Aileen and Michael Phelan
from Ellen Amigo
from John Powell
from Kelly and Jim Polisson
from Shirley Jacobs

Mary Elizabeth Johnson
from Dennis Fong

Mary J Leslie
from Gail Sweeney

Melissa Quan and Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

from Margaret Babbott

My Aunt Joyce, she passed away from cancer, Aunt Mary, Aunt Jen
from Mitchell Coon

Nancy Baker Walter
from Catherine Teare and Christine Lahey

Nancy Swegles
from Laura Decker

Nicole Peck Harmann
from Angela Peck

Noah Wolfson & Barbara Seaman
from Alice Wolfson

Patricia Hughes
from Katie Brennan and Albert Gasser

Paula Merwin
from Matthew Schwartz and Karen Levesque

Rex Busch
from Ronnie Sandler

Ronnie Massin
from Terri Massin

Sally Erwin
from Dr. Michelle Mehta

Selma Butler and Hannah Wilke
from Marsie Scharlatt

Susan Claymon
from Amanda and David Hirko
from Harvey and Judy Barnett

Susan Claymon and Shelly Eisner
from Julie Gordon and Richard Eisner

Susan G. Cohen
from Brenda Eskenazi and Eric Lipsitt

Susan Stone
from Diana L. Etshokin

Susan Witt
from Aline Faben

Tanya Neiman
from Brett Mangels

Teresa Peters
from Wendy Hutchinson

Valerie Ann Eckles
from Bren Eckles

Wilma C Huber
from G Lynn Huber

Zeina Mikati Murib
from Pamela Forman
from Tyesha Maddox
from Zein Murib