Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 15, 2016 – March 30, 2017.

Abigail Arons
from Elissa Arons
from Joy Riskin
from Wendy and Jim Mnookin

Abigail Arons and Matthew Bennett
from Lily Dorment
from Joanna Pozen
from Melissa Robin and Michael Caplan

Alison Braverman
from Vicki Green and Robert Curry

Alison Jaggar
from Sumita Jaggar and Tim Dubbs

All of those who have suffered
from Ron and Sydney Crawford

All Oncology Nurses
from Dianne Romanos

Ariadne Pascual
from Maria Rogers-Pascual

Audrey Dunaway
from Teddy and Franklyn Harrison

Babs Attard
from Ms. Barbara Attard

Barbara Brenner
from Shelley Alpern and Marjorie Kelly
from Cathy R. Fischer
from Cari Napoles
from Ellen Seeherman and Stuart Sloame
from Allison Wolpoff

Barbara Carberry
from Susan Pelletier

from Emily Kaplan

BCAction board and staff
from Marie Bautista

BCAction Staff
from Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow
from Karuna Jaggar and Dave Otten

Belle Shayer
from Reva and John Segall

Belle Shayer
from Liane Shayer

Beth Dyer, Jan Williams, Stacey Jones and Sumita Jaggar
from Kathleen Corcoran

Betty Elayne Koff
from Karin Koff

Betty Emerson
from Lauren Westreich

Billie Loulan
from Denise Notzon

Bosom Buddies, Lincoln Hills, CA
from Mary and Douglas Brown

Bozena Lipiec
from Eva Lipiec

Carol Copsey
from Helen Fitzsimmons and Laura Mamo

Catherine Silverman
from Lisa Decker

Cindy Beck
from Jennie Skancke

Deborah Mendelsohn
from Carole L. Mendelsohn

Debra Chasnoff
from Joan Lefkowitz, Stacey Shuster and Joshua Shuster-Lefkow

Devona Friesen
from Jeremy Friesen

Diane Callum
from Lauren Schiller

Dorothy Geoghegan
from Joseph S. Conway

Dr. Hope Rugo
from Ms. Ellen Kugler

Elana Silver
from Annette Silver

Elba Vega Gomez
from Juanita Vega DeJoseph

Eleanor Rush
from Harriet Charney and Lawrence Sirott

Elizabeth Grissom
from Henrico Professional Firefighters Association

Elizabeth Seja Min
from Judith Patrick

Ellen Schwerin
from Lee Sider

Gabi Weida
from Jess Weida

Gaye Doner Tudanger
from Joy Doner-Mazzeo

Gayle Goldman
from Jessica and Benjamin Rosenberg

Gin Price
from Steve and Roxy Klein

Hilde Meislin
from Barbara Meislin and Stuart Kaplan

Holly Hefele
from Judith Giardina

Jackie Hinckley
from Jeanette Millard

Jeanne Brown and Mia Schillace-Nelson
from Angela and Sam Schillace

Jeannine Collins
from Barbara Thomason and Anna Crawford

Jeannine McConnell
from Dr. Amii Steele

Jill Elkin
from Erika and Jeremy Carlson

Jo Anna Granovetter
from David Granovetter

JoAnn Loulan
Ms. Jo Ann Ogden and Janet Luce
from Linda Scaparotti

JoAnn Loulan ICE
from Susie Richardson

JoAnna Granovetter
from David Granovetter

Jocie Sobieraj
from Jocie, Jerome and Jan Sobieraj

Joy Simha
from Bella August

Joyce Bichler
from Vickie Dandridge
from Denise and Todd Helfstein
from Arlene and Robert Stams

Joyce Bichler and the staff of BCA
from Marci Greenstein

Joyce Hayes
from David and Alison Jaggar

Judith Wadsworth
from Deborah Marx

Judy Fjell
from Lenore Dale Ralston

Judy Sweet
from Adrienne Kernan

Julie Fox
from Judy and Ralph Cohen

Julie Morgan
from Caitlin Carmody
from Misao Kanda
from Melissa Mirabile

Karen Klein
from Wilma Bass
from Martha Ham
from Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden
from Doug Paxton
from Danielle Silver

Karen Klein and Ben Golvin
from Eve Meyer

Karuna Jaggar
from Maryann Hickelton
from Adrienne Torf
from Blue Walcer

Kate Raphael
from Deni Asnis

Katie Allen
from Margaret Rossoff

Kelly Davis
from Carole Pertofsky

Kelly Karandjeff
from Ernest Karandjeff

Kitty Piercy
from Dr. Shoshana Kerewsky

Kristina Adams
from Sarah and Patrick Croushler

Kyra Subbotin
from Laura J Enriquez

Lilo Gostel
from Vivian Holley and Bryan Baker

Lori Baralt
from Beth Cory

Lori Baran
from Ruth Freedman

Lorri Hoover
from James Butler and Dorothy Hall

Lucy Sherak
from Gladys Sherak

Lynne Carmichael
from Kyra Subbotin and Henry Siegel

Madeline Kanner
from Dr. Margaret Rose Draeger
from Margaret Holde
from Rosalie Hewins

Margot Friedman
from Ms. Amy Cotton

Mary Elizabeth Johnson
from Dennis Fong

from Laura Smith

Melissa Peacock
from Devon Webster

Mom, Beth, Rachel, Hope, Stephanie, Stacey, and more
from Dena Taylor

My Brilliant Coworkers
from Zoe Christopher

My dear wife Pearl
from Robert Weiss

My Mom
from Lisa Bedard

My sister, Marybeth Gallagher
from Barbara Maher

Nancy Grail
from Carolyn Nelka

Nancy Klein
from Kendra Klein

Ngina Lythcott
from Eileen Counihan

Pamela Altmeyer Alvey
from Terri Morris Downs

Pat Lent / Jodi Lent
from Martha Crusius and Tom Lent

Patty Doyle and Barb Doyle
from Sandra Schultz

Paula Gordon
from Diane Neary

Peg and Karen
from Arthur Stevenson
from Rev Janice Fairchild
from David Fairchild

Roberta Bonwit
from Joan Finnigan and Mark Matteucci

Rochelle Wunsch
from Barbara Wunsch

Ruth Borenstein
from Karen Strauss

Salom Williams
from Trey Williams

Sarah Douglas
from Karen Steinbach

Sister, Sue
from Ms. Mary Enright-Olson

Sue Sawtelle
from Ms. Jennell Parr

Susan Tygel
from Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

from Joanna Uribe and Manuel Mena

Susie Lampert
from Karen Getman
from Michael Rice

Tania Katan
from Jennifer Duncan

The all powerful ME. I will never again choose an asskicker lesson like that again. Love to THE amazing BCA
from Deborah Servetnick

The Athey Grandchildren
from Coral J. Fry

The Oncology Support Program
from Barbara Sarah

Tina Barnes
from Betsy Aubrey and Steve Lichtenberg

Yamini Kesavan
from Sanjay Ranchod

from Melissa Robin and Michael Caplan

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between November 15, 2016 – March 30, 2017.

Adele Dener
from Eve Borenstein and Candace Falk

Alison McCreery
from Laurie Pomeranz

Alma Warner (Grandmother)
from Kathryn Davis

Amy Grabel
from Sandy Bailey and Liz Nania

Ann Lovell
from Jan Adrian

Anne Marie Elias & Donna Elias
from Amy Elias Reed

Anne Rosenbaum
from Neshama Franklin

Anne Somsel
from Liz Gersten

Anne Winter
from Katie Dunlap

Asmita Saoji
from Mayuresh Saoji

Babs Attard
from Ms. Barbara Attard

Barbara Brenner
from Molly, David and Kathleen Brannigan
from Ronnie Caplane
from Margaret Clarke and Matt Nichols
from Abby Cohen
from Nancy Davis and Donna Hitchens
from Elaine Elinson and Rene Ciriacruz
from Jeffrey Goldberg
from Linda Hunt
from Uma and Amy Kahn
from Susan Kleinstein
from Joan MacQuarrie and Ellen Slack
from Sara Markel and Lloyd Altman
from Deborah Marx
from Sarah Moore
from Pauli Ojea
from Elizabeth Plapinger and John Berger
from Ellen Reath
from Tom Reilly and Kevin James
from Heather and Kitt Sawitsky
from Jeanne Maddox Toungara
from Susan, Robert and Megan Vanneman
from Lisa Westerback
from Karen, M.C., & Jerene
from Sandra Coliver
from Barbara Chapin Babbott
from Margaret Babbott

Beth Holman
from Lori and Eric Anders

Betty LaPaix Goldstein
from Lori Polacek

Bonnie Heit
from Herva Bunny Schwartz

Brenda Redman, my mom
from Melissa Justice

Brenda Roth
from Eleanor Barrett
from Sandra Morris

Bridget Hedison
from Karen Hayes

Bridget O Sandburg
from Julie Sandburg Rife

Caitlin Rivers
from Nina Smith

Carmela Masi
from Kaitlin Walker

Carol Hunter
from Gordon Thompson
from Alonzo Valentine

Carole Wheeldon
from Catherine Shaw

Chryse Glackin
from Madelene DeLeon

Cindy Sharp
from Laurie Litman and Dale Steele

Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

Connie Frank
from Leslie Foster and Leslie Frank

Connie Harms and Judee King Harms
from Dona Santo

Deb Mosley
from Tina Connelly

Dede Miller
from Peggy Manfredi

Desi Owens
from Jill C. Israel

Diane Olds
from Kathleen Weitz

Dr. Joshua Friedman
from Gail and Steven Shak

Eileen Hansen
from Denise Wells

Elenore Pred
from Celia E. Callaway

Elenore Pred
from Jesse Gottschalk
from Julia Tower

Elinor Gelsey
from Gina Caradonna and Gina Gelsey

Elizabeth Louis Peele
from Chris Carpenter and Karen Johnson-Carpenter

Ellen Palmer
from Anne Brennan

Emily Caigan
from Helen Cohen and Mark Lipman

Ericka Barrett
from Cynthia Williams

Ethel Lott
from Antoine Devine

Eunice Smith
from Doris and Stanley Long

Frank D. Cardoza
from Lorraine Cardoza

Grace Howe
from Ferol Blaney
from Helen Tonegato
from Theresa Attard

Jacqueline Marsh Charak
from Virginia Wolfe

Jan Stecher
from Audrey H. Webb

Jane Kadner
from Marcia Liberson

Jeanette Kerr
from Nene and James Koch

Jennifer Stodden
from Joseph Queirolo

Joyce Ambrosini and Sara V. Allison
from Margaret Langston

Judee King
from Linda Kettler

Judi Bari
from Wendy Tanowitz

Judith Marie Wadsworth Helfant
Dfrom avid Benaroya Helfant

Judy Hansen
from Carol Matson

Judy Klein
from Ruth Rosen

Kate Ellen Ocean
from Margaret B. Corkery

Kathi Kamen Goldmark
from Angela Bennett
from Lopa Pal

Kathleen Lewis
from Paula Shivers

Kay Lyou
from Russell G. Worden and Janette R. Lawrence

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens and Alan Stephens

Kristine Nesheim Powell
from Mrs. Elizabeth Simson

Kurt Eisbrenner
from Cathy and John Bair

Leslie Brenner
from Diane and Edwin Bernbaum

Lessle Whitcomp
from Karen Jacques

Lija Gese
from Benjamin Knauss

Lila Bailey
from Susan Zager

Linda Baralt
from Ernest and Mary Baralt
from Susie Goldberg

Linda Brogan
from Donna Brogan
from Linda K. Lamb
from Margo L. Arcanin
from Lita Jans
from Barbara Jans
from Lorene Higgins
from Stacy Weddington
from Loretta Byrd
from Liisa Lyon and John Einstoss

Louis Taub
from Meave O’connor

Lucy Fischer
from Marylin T. Kelley
from Lucy Sherak
from Hannah and Don Sherak

Lynda K. Rhomberg
from Chris Rhomberg

Marcy Libster
from Rachelle Fox

Margaret Holder
from Rosalie Hewins

Margaret Mann
from Debra Wuebker

Maria Blanco
from Xiomara Blanco

Marilyn Tate
from Keri Marie Tate

Marion Gray
from Deborah Farkas and Mary Faria

Marjorie Lewis
from Barbara Lewis

Martha Price
from Jennie Abbingsole

Mary Ann Tetreault
from Joy Rohde

Mary Margaret Koch
from JoAnn Loulan and Ronny Crawford

MaryAnn Pedersen
from Cathy Tennant and Virginia Bassi

May Elinson
from Eileen Goldman and Robert Gabriner

Melissa Quan and Cynthia Jameson
from Charlotte Jurehn-Lewis

Mimi Gray Mimi and Victoria Gray
from Mitzi Lillow
from Linda Lillow

Molly Westrate
from Dolores Dolan

My cousin Sue Claymon
from Harvey and Judy Barnett

My mom
from Carol Keck

My mom, Eleanor
from Ronnie Sandler

Nancy Leventhal
from Joan and Steve Goldblatt

Nancy Pearson & Jamie Rollert
from Kristina Pearson

Norma Peterson
from Cynthia Dorfman

Pat Duncan
from Lynne Armstrong

Pat Stocking Brown
from Bonnie Spanier

Paula Lerner
from Deborah Lefkowitz

Peggy Mann
from Lesley Mann

Phillis Winters
from William Winters

Rita Ann Ordille
from Nola Lorincz

Rita Arditti
from Dr. Barbara Rubin, Connie Sturz and Lynn Archer
from Rose Goldberg
from Lesley Goldberg

Rose L.H. Yang
from Angeline Yang

Ruth B Ronnan, my mother
from Bonnlyn Cobb

Sally Erwin
from Dr. Michelle Mehta

Sandi Edelstein Portnoy
from Lynn B Cooper

Sarah Narosny Marks
from Kathy Marks

Selma Butter
from Marsie Scharlatt

Stella Szterenfeld
from Helen Szterenfeld

Susan G. Claymon
from Allan W. Claymon and Janet Schloemer

Susan L. Stone
from Ellen Schwerin

Tanya Neiman
from Brett Mangels

Tori Fischer
from Kirsten Commons

Trish Douglass
from Lisa Hartmayer and Lucas French

Valerie Ann Eckles
from Bren Eckles
from Wave Geber
from Mitchell Gillman

Winnie Wilcke
from Lois W. Goggin

Yvonne Bennett
from Trudy Williams