Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or are affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals, and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease.

All gifts made in honor and memory will be used by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.


Breast Cancer Action gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between June 6, 2019 – November 6, 2019.

Abigail Arons     
  from    Diane Wexler and Bruce Beron
  from    Joel Palefsky and Glenn Peacock

All those inflicted            
  from    Myra Abelson

Amy Cho            
  from    Claudia Lehmann

Barbara Garlock
  from    Kriti Sharma

Carole Grossman
  from    Rachael Grossman

Carol Lassiter    
  from    Timothy Lewls

Dorian Solot      
  from    Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal

Elana Silver        
  from    Annette Silver

Elizabeth Gawron            
  from    Barbara Wood and Jay Vivian

Gail Kaufman     
  from    Regina Myer

Gladys Sherak,  
  from    Rachael Grossman

Greta Thunberg
  from    Maia Gay

Jacki Stefko        
  from    Cathy Courtney

Joyce Bichler & Mike Kimbarow 
  from    Carl Coelho

Julie Morgan     
  from    Ryan Helton
  from    Joyce Bichler and Dr. Michael Kimbarow
  from    Polly Marshall and Mitchell Omerberg
  from    Ryan Helton
  from    Debbie Lee
  from    Ashley Alexander
  from    Stephanie Rose
  from    Carlo Vitale
  from    Justin Foster
  from    Kendra Pinkerton
  from    Heather Lind

Karen Klein        
  from    Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden

Karuna Jaggar   
  from    Julie Garren       
  from    Jane Horine
  from    Andrea Miller

Kate Holcomb   
  from    Jennifer Wallace
  from    Kristine Wolcott

Lauren Grellner 
  from    Todd, Stephanie, Jared & Erica Greenberg

Linda Pioquinto 
  from    Barbara Green

Lisa Campanella
  from    Eva Silverman

Lisa Marks          
  from    Linda Marks and Rafael Lopez

Lucy Sherak
  from    Rachael Grossman

Mandy Johnson
  from    Nicole Hurt

Mary Cunningham           
  from    Rebecca Krebs

Maryann Haigh 
  from    Ryan Haigh
  from    Christopher Haigh

Ngina Lythcott and Byllye Avery
  from    Ken Russo, Michael MacIntyre and Gary Pasnick

Renee Lansley   
  from    Nadine Stern

Sarah Marovich
  from    Anne Young
  from    Margaret Giffels



Breast Cancer Action gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between June 6, 2019 – November 6, 2019.

Anne E. Somsel 
  from    Stephen Kobasa
  from    Rachel Kobasa
  from    Paul A. Kobasa

Barbara Brenner              
  from    Beth Chapman
  from    Nickie Hilbert

Cecilia Obana    
  from    Crispaul Obana

Claudia van Voorhis Christensen
  from    Allyson Johnson

Cokie Roberts    
  from    Stephanie Schus

Constance Marcopulos  
  from    Cynthia Marcopulos

Diane Olds         
  from    Kathleen Weitz

Dr. Erica Goode
  from    Pamela Mendelsohn

Ellen Rice Lowery            
  from    Margaret Walsh

Forestine Wise Monsen 
  from    Elaine Wise and Dr. Matthew Norton Wise

Isabelle and Ann Cook   
  from    Dr. Rebecca Weigel

Jane Bauldry      
  from    Patricia Blair Pierce

Janet Lee            
  from    Amy Cunninghis

Karen Tate         
  from    JoAnn Loulan and Ronny Crawford

Laurel Hedley    
  from    Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell

Laurene Tyson  
  from    Jillian Breitwieser

Lise Norman      
  from    Tine and John Normann-Badger

Lois M. Goldsby
  from    Sharon Barnett and Victor M. Barnett

Lois Winkleman
  from    Karen Winkleman-Furman

Lynda Kotzbauer              
  from    Chris Rhomberg

Michele Buddle 
  from    Lisa Westervelt

Nancy Farley     
  from    Margaret Rosen

Pat Anesi            
  from    Lauri Fried-Lee

Sheri Simoncelli
  from    Marion and Vincent McGuire

Sherry Steen      
  from    Dr. JoAnne Stenger

Stephanie Easter             
  from    Laurie Thorne    
  from    Barbara Rice

Tinka Gordon    
  from    Robert Weiner and Karen Rhodes

Yvonne Moore  
  from    Aisha Chen