By Board of Directors, Breast Cancer Action

At Breast Cancer Action, we believe health justice is a human right. And by joining us now, you are helping to put people’s health and well-being over corporate profits. 

Your donation of $50 or more makes a 
huge difference.

Our honesty, fearlessness, and truth-telling set us apart in a sea of pinkwashed products. And our strict conflict of interest policy means we will never be just another mouthpiece for the cancer industry, 

Make your year-end gift  now to create a more just and healthier world. 

We know that breast cancer is a social justice issue and a public health crisis. Our vision is a world where world where lives and communities aren’t threatened by breast cancer.

By harnessing the power of tens of thousands of grassroots activists like you, we are able to demand true system change. Here are a few ways we’re working to make our vision a reality: 

  • We connect the dots between public health and environmental justice and this year we helped lead a broad coalition to pressure California’s Governor Brown to end dangerous oil drilling practices that are fueling cancer and climate change. 
  • We provide one-of-a kind services that empower people with evidence-based information about breast cancer for anyone looking for independent tools and analysis to help make deeply personal health decisions.
  • We create space for the diverse voices that have been silenced and ignored by mainstream pink ribbon culture and we refuse to be shamed and blamed for our breast cancer. 
  • We hold our regulatory protection agencies accountable by speaking out and mobilizing our community, like our opposition to the EPA rule that would restrict the agency’s use of critical environmental health data.

With your support, we will continue our work to achieve health justice for everyone at risk of and living with breast cancer, so that fewer people are diagnosed with and die from this disease.

Donate now to put patient interests before corporate profits.

If you have any questions or need help making your donation, please contact Lopa Pal at (415) 243-9301 or

Thank you!