Posted on July 8, 2022

By Jayla Burton, Program Manager

As you know, Breast Cancer Action is unlike any other breast cancer organization.

We’ve been the independent voice and rapid-response watchdog for the breast cancer resistance for more than 30 years and none of this would be possible without our passion-driven community of activists that apply pressure that results in real change.

We provide support, resources, and opportunities for you to take meaningful action, and in this email you’ll find a recap of what we’ve been up to for the last few months, different ways to get involved, and what to be on the lookout for!

Live in your activism and take action with us today!

The Lymphedema Treatment Act. This bill will change Medicare law to cover doctor-prescribed compression supplies and other devices used to treat lymphedema, a painful and debilitating condition that often results from breast cancer treatments. Take action and join us in calling on members of Congress to pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act this year!

The Scientific Integrity Act. When science is censored or politically manipulated, it can interfere with a federal agency’s ability to implement strong regulations. This bill will ensure regulations are based on accurate scientific evidence. If you believe that patient safety comes before politics, take action with us today!

The Safer Beauty Bill Package. These four bills will make beauty and personal care products safer by: banning toxic chemicals, making ingredient transparency the new industry standard, and reducing unsafe chemical exposures for all communities, especially women of color and salon workers, two vulnerable populations that are disproportionately exposed to toxic chemicals. Take action with us and our partners to urge your Congressional representatives to support the Safer Beauty Bill Package.

Take bold action with us as we call for systemic changes that move toward health equity, ensure politics don’t interfere with science, and remove toxic exposures that may increase our risk for breast cancer.

See Our Take Action Page.

Check out our newest podcast episodes!

In the episode titled Storytelling: A Powerful Agent of Change, our Executive Director KR and longtime BCAction Supporter and Author Dena Taylor talk about the powerful role of storytelling in our interpersonal journeys as well as in our efforts to create change.

The Trust in Science: A Panel Conversation episode is a recap of a dynamic discussion between BCAction Executive Director KR, BCAction Board Member Tamatha Thomas-Haase, and Tigerlily Founder and CEO Maimah Karmo. Tune in to this discussion on how to bridge our community and the scientific community in an effort to begin building trust, while still holding science accountable.

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Inward, upward, and onward!

We released our 2022 – 2027 Strategic Plan, A Radical Strategy for Addressing and Ending Breast Cancer Through a Health Justice Lens. Be sure to check it out. As we deepen and expand our legacy, we can’t do this work without your support. Next month, we will be launching a survey to give you all an opportunity to let us know what you’d like to see in our work!

Read the Strategic Plan.