By Kate Frisher, Campaigns Coordinator

The House of Representatives is expected to vote on the Senate’s “Right to Try” bill (S.204) TODAY. Help us stop this dangerous piece of legislation!

Call and email your Representative right now! Tell them to put patients first and vote “NO” on Right to Try.

You helped us stall a vote in the Senate last month when they took up the House’s version of Right to Try. Now we need your help to stop S.204 in its tracks, because it’s even worse than the House’s bill. S.204 removes patient protections and doesn’t include reporting requirements for physicians administering treatment through Right to Try—meaning there would be no oversight or regulation for experimental treatments provided through Right to Try. And it would prevent adverse responses to experimental treatments received through Right to Try from being considered when the FDA reviews a drug to determine if it’s safe.

Use our one-click system to tell your Rep. to vote “NO” on Right to Try.

If the House votes yes on this worse version of Right to Try, it will go straight to the president to be signed into law. That’s because the Senate already approved S.204 last summer. The choice to push a vote on the Senate’s version of a federal Right to Try bill shows a clear disregard for the feedback and concerns raised by patient advocates—the bill removes important patient protections and FDA oversight.

Any bill that weakens drug regulation and puts drug safety at risk isn’t a bill that put patients first. 

Protect patients and stand up for drug safety. Tell your Representative to vote “NO” on Right to Try today!