Posted on October 19, 2022

By Haleemah Atobiloye

It’s time to Think Before You Pink® and take action!

Going beyond pink ribbon marketing, BCAction’s 2022 campaign, Think Before You Pink®: A (R)evolution, exposes the tenets of late-stage capitalism and the deceptive strategies used by profit-driven campaigns, including cause marketing, suppression of scientific evidence, and political interference. The bad actors using these tactics do not center people with breast cancer and we are unabashedly calling them out!

Add your name to our open letter today and join us in addressing the rampant capitalist practices that enable unchecked profiteering of breast cancer, and what we must do about it!

To say that our society has dangerously moved beyond the core tenets of free market ideology and into late-stage capitalism is an understatement.

A significant number of the population is not concerned when a breast cancer patient has to crowdfund to raise money for necessary treatment, or when advocacy coalitions spend years demanding the passage of bills that will reduce the amount of cancer-causing chemicals in the environment, or when the gaps in our severely under-funded basic public health services become glaringly obvious.

Add your name to our open letter now, demanding that we put people before profit.

Breast cancer awareness has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar industry as the practices and tactics of late-stage capitalism are designed to encourage unlimited profiteering, instead of focusing on the structural change solutions that will end the breast cancer crisis.

What will help to address and end this crisis is breast cancer fundraising transparency and accountability, the dissemination of evidence-based information, and policies that provide structural change solutions that stop this disease before it starts.

Take action by adding your name and joining us in calling out the impact of late-stage capitalism on the breast cancer crisis.

Throughout 20 years of Think Before You Pink® campaigns, we’ve made incredible headway, and we’re changing the culture of pink ribbon fundraising. YOU have made that possible by sharing in our vision of a world without breast cancer, where all communities and our public health is prioritized above corporate interests. Together we’ll continue to push the boundaries of what breast cancer advocacy looks like, demanding large-scale, meaningful, and impactful changes to address and end this crisis, and not settling for pink ribbon promises.

Thank you for your uncompromising activism to stop breast cancer!