Posted on January 26, 2023

By Haleemah Atobiloye, Program Manager

Fossil fuel companies have amassed enormous profits at the expense of public health and our environment, particularly in recent months.

Californians pay significantly more for gas than anyone else! This fall, gas prices climbed as high as $7 a gallon, meaning Californians pay about $3 more for gas than drivers anywhere else in the country. This has resulted in a cost-of-living crisis for many residents of the state.

Stand up to Big Oil by taking action with us now!

Recently Big Oil spent upwards of $20 million while lying to Californians to secure signatures for a referendum meant to overturn SB 1137, a law banning new oil drilling within 3,200 feet of sensitive sites like homes, schools, hospitals, and prisons. Their dirty money is buying ballot initiatives, killing and gutting bills that would protect communities from their toxic fossil fuel pollution, and overturning vital regulations meant to protect our health and our environment.

Take action now and join us in holding Big Oil accountable for the harm they cause to the environment, their blatant attacks on public health, and their insatiable greed!

SB 1137 was championed by Governor Newsom, democratically passed by the California legislature, and hailed internationally as an historic win for communities across California living with the toxic fumes, spills, and leaks from neighboring oil wells.

The oil industry is spending their record profits to undermine our democracy with disinformation, delay action on climate change, and overturn vital protections for communities living next to toxic oil drilling sites. Big Oil’s windfall profits threaten our financial security, our democracy, and our health.

For the sake of our health, the environment, and social justice, please sign this email petition to urge your legislators to stand with Governor Newsom. We are long overdue in holding Big Oil accountable for their greed!