Before You Buy

In 2005 and 2006, BCA went back to the basics of the problems of cause marketing, with an online flash file urging people to ask critical questions about products being marketed with a pink ribbon. We also provided answers to those questions for a number of the pink promotional products that were marketed during these years. After all, if shopping could cure breast cancer, it would be cured by now.


  • Major beneficiaries of breast cancer cause marketing- Komen Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation- adopted some of BCA’s questions and encouraged consumers to ask them.
  • Thousands of people sent e-mails to companies to ask them the critical Think Before You Pink™ questions.
  • Campaign featured by Fenton Communications in their publication, “Because It’s Worth It: 10 Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Communications”.
  • 77,065 visitors to the Think Before You Pink™ website this year.