Donations in Honor & Memory: Fall 2016

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many donations also memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Donations Made in Honor

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between June 15, 2016 – November 15, 2016.

Abigail and Elissa Aarons
from Joy Riskin

Abigail Arons
from Bonnie and Wesley Fastif
from Elizabeth and Robert Pozen
from Jennifer Yarger
from Margaret Spence
from Rena Koopman
from Susie and Howard Learned
from Yvette and John Dubinsky

Abigail Arons and Matthew Bennett’s Wedding
from Annie and Sarah Steinberg
from Cathy and Robert Crosky
from Dr. Susan Rako
from Lisa Stark
from Liz and Ray Archambault
from Maggie Feinstein
from Marie Hermann
from Nan O’Connor
from Naomi Jay
from Norma Bernstein
from Rebecca Brown
from Stuart Solomon
from Terry Holzman
from Tory Ford
from Wendy and Jim Mnookin

All people with cancer
from Nathan P. Thomas, Sr.

Audrey Brooks
from Lorraine Burton and Hasan Dajani

Barbara Brenner and BCAction staff
from Angela Wall, Andrew Rivera and Frances Wall

Beatriz Irraboro
from Miriam Hidalgo and Adam Machado

Betsy Powell
from Amy Blanchard

Christie Hagenburger
from Timaree Hagenburger

Christine Sekino
from Allison Gould

Dorian Solot
from Suzanne Miller and Walter Vom Saal

Elaine Caprio
from Barbara Van Fleet

Elana Silver
from Rhoda Seplowitz and Jonas Hafkin
from Shira Slasky

Happy Mazula
from Guy Mazula

Helen English and Catherine Nunnally
from Patricia Armstrong

Janine Braak Peregrine and Cindy Ward
from Douglas Braak

Joyce Bichler
from Sue Tobachnik and Arnie Berman

Julie Morgan
from Alex McNees
from Charlie and Elana Silver
from Angela Wall, Andrew Rivera and Frances Wall
from Sahru and Joe Keiser

Kacy Brod
from Miyoko Schinner

Karuna Jaggar
from Ron and Rebecca Yee

Karuna Jaggar, for her birthday
from Jane Horine

Kate Alexander
from Bessie S. Tyrell

Katie Borcz
from Janet Phillips

Kevin Berry
from Julie Rudd

Laurie Drabble and Carol Pearce
from Jane Sprague and Stacey Zones
from Frances and Mitchell Cowan
from Leah Itelson
from Lorraine Midanik and Stephen Blum
from Nancy Ferreyra
from R Goldman
from Sarah Roberts and Katherine Kasameyer

Lisa Marks
from Linda Marks and Rafael Lopez

Lisa Wilson Feeback
from Shannon Cook

Lucy Sherak
from Hannah and Don Sherak

Michelle Kovach and Thelma Ginnis
from Annita Ginnis

My Sister and Myself
from Alison Braverman

Nancy Holle
from Terri Morris Downs

Nancy Massey
from Barbara Jamie Harris

Natalie Gubb
from Cathy Craig

Orrie May Gurney
from Kendall Spillman

Priscilla Rosenwald
from Julie Becker and Joshua Berlin

Rebecca Boughamer, Cheryse Skiles, Kathy Casey
from Melissa Amato

Robin Connors
from Mrs. Elouise Connors

Sarah Douglas
from Laramie and Theodore Palmer
from Marlene Drescher
from Marie Vitulli

Sarah Reynoso
from Sarah Green

Susan Stanfield
from Colleen Hart

Susie Lampert
from Karen Topakian and Peg Stevenson
from Leslie Rabine

Tamar Hurwitz and Drew Fleming
from Lori Hillman
from Paul and Joanne Ouellette
from Thomas Fleming

The women I have known as a nurse who have taught me what I know
from Deborah Hamolsky

Tracy Weitz
from Carroll Estes

Wave Geber
from Mitchell Gillman

Donations Made in Memory

BCAction gratefully acknowledges donations made in memoryof the following individuals between June 15, 2016 – November 15, 2016.

Ann Hertz
from Mirjan Kator

Anna M. Roos
from Shirley Krug

Aunt Jo Brischetto
from Charlene Brischetto Lilie

Barb Fetterolf
from Linda Mullin

Barbara Ulrich
from Ellen Melamed

Bill Lawson
from Sansa Morse

Colleen McDermott
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

CoNett Aycock
from Priscilla Whitley

Cynthia Morin
from Martha Grace

Daphne Lawrance
from Ann F. Kruzich

Debra Mayo
from Sharon and Eugene Sullivan

Donola, Dallas, Cherrie
from Sallie Jones

Dorothy Kaplan
from Beth Friedman

Dorothy Silva
from Nikki Silva

Eileen Hansen
from Deborah Gordon

Eleanor Morrison
from Susan Morrison

Ellen Palmer
from Anne Brennan

Jane Walker Milburn
from Martha Ward and Alec Evans

Laurel Hedley
from Mary Hedley and Stephen P. Morrell

Lori Hogan
from Tammy Borichevsky

Lucy Sherak Fisher
from Judith and Victoria Ogley

Maggie Marceau
from Darlene Peck

Marion Shonkoff
from Seth Shonkoff

Mary Anne Adams
from Hannah Hudson

Mary Beth Huff
from Lauren Williams

Mary Melinda “Lin” McLean
from Sandra H. Pinyard

Mary Spakowicz
from Amy Tanjong

Nancy Swegles
from Laura Decker

Pam Flanagan
from Tracey Wilson

Pamela Rehberg
from Amanda Rehberg

Pat Anesi
from Lauri Fried-Lee

Pat Duncan
from Lynne Armstrong

Pat Singer
from Judi Lewis

Patricia Singer & Karen Fine
from Katanya Jackson-Henry and Jesse Henry

Rose Rotondi
from Sally Myers

Sara Woolery
from Jane Suskin

Sharon Villers-Pifer and Bev Stolker-Drake
from Lynn Rigney Schott and Stephen Shott

Sinman Cartouth
from Claudia Delman

Sue Fine
from Joyce Bichler and Michael Kimbarow

Susan Fox
from Mariah Tarvainen

Suzanne McGuinn
from Brian McGuinn

Suzie Deutsch
from Helene Ross

Suzie Dod Thomas
from Jane Armbruster and Malcolm Davis

Thea Faust Anderson
from Consuelo Faust and Thor Anderson

Victor Tracy
from Barb Parrott

Debbie Nashman
from Michelle Solomon

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