Action Center and Program Update: Spring 2016

We’ve been busy in the program department since our last newsletter. Here are some highlights of what we’ve been working on. If you have questions, please get in touch!

Action Alert: Demand Passage of Lymphedema Treatment Act

TakeAction 2015Breast cancer patients who develop lymphedema need compression supplies to control this swelling—but Medicare and some private insurance companies don’t currently cover the costs of these supplies, leaving patients who can’t afford them to suffer with this debilitating condition. Tell your Congressmembers to cosponsor the Lymphedema Treatment Act so that all women deserve access to comprehensive lymphedema treatment.

Why We Oppose Nomination of Dr. Robert Califf as New FDA Chief

In February, the Senate confirmed Dr. Robert Califf as the new Commissioner of the Food & Drug Administration, the federal government agency charged with overseeing, among other things, the approval of new drugs and devices. We have deep concerns about Dr. Califf’s strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Patients and consumers depend on the FDA to ensure that medical drugs and devices are safe and effective. Can an FDA Commissioner with these close industry ties provide oversight to an agency that the public depends on to put their health over industry profits? Be sure to also read this blog post by two patient advocates about why they oppose Dr. Califf’s appointment.

Blog Don't Frack with Our HealthWhat We Told the EPA About Their Flawed Fracking & Drinking Water Report

Back in August, we asked you to submit comments to the EPA about its draft assessment on fracking’s impacts on our drinking water—and ultimately our health. The EPA’s own scientific advisory board is challenging its finding and in December, they held a public teleconference to review this assessment. Our executive director Karuna Jaggar gave public testimony at this teleconference to bring your voices to the Board to demand they urge the EPA to conclude that fracking is not safe for our health.

Webinar: “Environmental Exposures: Why Timing is Critical”

Everyday toxic chemicals are bad for all of us, but there are periods in our lives when toxic chemicals have an even bigger impact on our health. These “windows of susceptibility” (for example, puberty and in utero) provide clues about how environmental toxins influence breast cancer risk throughout our lives. Tune into this free webinar to learn from three guest experts how environmental chemicals are impacting women and girls’ development at critical times and how that may be impacting our risk of breast cancer.

Webinar: “Communities Impacted by Fracking Coast to Coast”

Communities across the U.S. are experiencing first-hand the health harms of fracking and other extreme forms of oil and gas extraction. The short-term health harms include asthma, nosebleeds and headaches and with 25% of chemicals used in fracking linked to cancer, the risk for long-term health impacts is high. Tune into this free webinar where we hosted three experienced activists who are working to protect their communities’ health from fracking and other forms of extreme oil and gas extraction.

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