Special Thanks: Spring 2013

Katie Kanagawa, thank you for your incredible donation of time, talent, dedication, inspiration, and for going way above and beyond!

Miriam Hidalgo, thank you so much for arranging for a great mental health break for staff.

Jason Driskill, thank you for your skill, good humor, and generosity in creating a beautiful logo for our rally at the Supreme Court. 

Nneka Leiba, Environmental Working Group, for once again sharing her amazing knowledge and informative presentation on our Nov webinar, Toxic Cosmetics Part 2: Demanding Stronger Regulation

Julie Liou, CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative, for her participation and inspiring presentation on our Nov webinar, Toxic Cosmetics Part 2: Demanding Stronger Regulation

H.Gilbert Welch, Darmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice for his engaging and informative presentation on our March webinar, The Oversimplification of Early Detection: Screening Mammography and Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis

Tracy Weitz, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health for her clear and concise presentation on our March webinar, “The Oversimplification of Early Detection: Screening Mammography and Breast Cancer Overdiagnosis”

Nancy Schuepbach, for organizing a Pink Ribbons Inc screening in Marin.

Amirah Tyler, National Women’s Health Network for sharing our materials on their table at a number of conferences and outreach events

Sara Brandon, thank you for your steady, dependable presence in the office, helping out with both administrative and development needs. 

BCAction Speaker Robyn Stoetzel for organizing the Challenge Breast Cancer Epidemic 2013 event

BCAction Speaker Katherine Shea for representing BCAction at a local health fair and making a presentation at a local university.

JoAnn Loulan, thank you for your powerful, inspiring luncheons that have supported our work for nine years now, and all you do for BCAction. 

Yvonne Day for your fabulous ongoing graphic design work — you make us look good!

Louise Epstein, thank you for your insight and support in our year-end fundraising drive.

Kelly Morrell, thank you for helping out in the communications department.

Frances Wall, thanks for helping pack up our supplies for our trip to Washington, D.C.

Seaira O’Brien, thank you for providing staff with a great massage break. 

Thank you to Andrea Downing, AnneMarie Ciccarella, Elinor Coleman, Erica Concors, Erika Carlson, Luz Calvo, and Nancy Stordahl for sharing your powerful stories and opinions about Myriad Genetics’ patent on the “breast cancer genes.” 

Dorothy Geoghegan and Elaine Costello, thank you for hosting a wonderful lunch get-together with former Board members. 

Lee Ann Slinkard, Tracy Weitz, and Ellen Carmody, thank you for your generous donation of airline miles that are getting us to D.C. for our historic gene patent case and rally at the Supreme Court. 

Eric Hoffman (Friends of the Earth) thanks for hosting our evening reception on the Myriad gene patent case.

Chris Hansen (ACLU) thanks for coming down to Washington, D.C. from New York to talk with our members about the upcoming Myriad case.

Linda Matt and Erin Caton many thanks for your time and talent in throwing an amazing photo auction event in Apocalyptic Ballerina – A Photo Auction.

Robyn Stoetzel thank you for hosting two workshops to your networks in Illinois; sharing our work and getting folks involved.

Denise Watkins and all participants from Sola Salons, thank you for introducing our work to your community and patrons, as well as fundraising to support our programs.

Karym Uraneta from Pink Horizons thanks for launching a successful campaign supporting BCAction’s work, as well as being a strong business partner.

9th Annual Billie Gardner Loulan Luncheon

Thank you to everyone who made the event such a success!

Event Organizer: JoAnn Loulan

Hosts: Jennifer and Bill Youstra

Invitation and Graphic Design: Amber Raimes – AmberInvited

Guest Speakers:
William H. Goodson III, MD
Stefanie Jeffrey, MD

Event Volunteers:
Jenn Meyer
Amber Raimes
Valerie Russell
Angela Schillace

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