What the Cluck? Update

By Angela Wall, Communications Manager

In April 2010, Breast Cancer Action received a lot of angry comments via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail from people outraged by the KFC/Komen “Buckets for the Cure” campaign. Motivated by your voices, we launched an online advocacy campaign called “What the Cluck?” Over 5, 000 people took action and sent letters to the KFC and Komen leadership protesting the “Buckets for the Cure” campaign. Your voices made an impact. This campaign was covered extensively by national media, including blogs of the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Fox News, and by Comedy Central’s Colbert Report.

This is what carrying the voices means. It’s about getting loud when we don’t agree. It’s about demanding accountability. It’s about moving breast cancer away from corporate profiteering and towards women’s health and better access to healthier food and lifestyle choices. Our voices carried a clear and important message: putting pink ribbons on buckets of chicken is not going to end breast cancer and may cause people to think that the chicken is harmless.

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