BCA Turns 20

by Angela Wall

Notice anything new about our logo? You bet!  The year 2010 marks Breast Cancer Action’s 20th anniversary.

BCA began in 1990 as a small band of angry women. Led by founder Elenore Pred, they met in Linda Reyes’ living room. “We are meeting to organize Breast Cancer Action,” the flyer announced. “Our goals are education and political action to prevent a further rise in breast cancer.” They were radicalized by their situation and, as far as we can tell, had a good time together, causing trouble for those who got in their way. That small band of unsatisfied women brought together a movement that transformed conversations about breast cancer forever. Some of their names are well known in the breast cancer world: Susan Claymon, Linda Reyes and Belle Shayer, the only surviving founder of this organization.

But it is the many others whose names are less well known that make BCA’s work possible. Throughout this anniversary year, we are celebrating everyone, past and present, who has advanced our efforts and the many victories that we have won together.

By acknowledging and honoring the many hearts, hands, and minds that have brought us to where we are today, we find the strength and energy to continue BCA’s work as long as necessary. This year we celebrate our future together and the hundreds of thousands of people who got us to where we are today. We will never give up. We will end this epidemic.

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