Gifts in Honor and Memory

Every day, Breast Cancer Action receives gifts honoring those who are living with or affected by breast cancer. We also receive contributions to honor the passionate advocates, volunteers, medical professionals and leaders of the breast cancer movement.

Many more donations memorialize those who have died of this disease. Each gift made in honor and memory will be used wisely by Breast Cancer Action to end the epidemic.

Donations in Honor

BCA gratefully acknowledges donations made in honor of the following individuals between October, 2009 and November 23, 2009.

All the Women Recently Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
from Madeline Kokes

Rita Arnold
from Joan Columbini

BCA Staff
from Suzanne Lampert

Debbie Behrakis
from Jane Mendelsohn

Joyce Bichler
from Vickie Dandridge
from Roberta Elman
from Denise Halfstein
from Arlene and Robert Stams
from Michelle White

Joyce Bichler and Mike Kimbarlow
from Carol Whilmhelmy

Barbara Brenner
from Elizabeth Bonfig

Another Year of Living!
from Helen Love
from Norman and Adrienne Schlosberg

Barbara Brenner and Suzanne Lampert
from Joseph S. Brenner

Barbara Brenner for Her Birthday
from Anonymous
from Jill Gallagher and Alicia Hasper
from Nora Graham
from Leah Kaizer and David Salk
from Melina Linder
from Sara and David O’Donnel
from Ricky L. Schnaath and Byron S. Johnson
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris
from Jane Sprague Zones and Stacey Zones

Joan Brown
from Nancy Schuepbach

Caitlin Carmody
from Megan Goering

Cheryl, Anna, and Us
from Robert and Laurie Kum

Lilia Chung
from Alex Alger

Marie Columbini
from Joan Columbini

Betty Corona
from Anonymous

Hannah Klein Connolly
from Anonymous
from Elona and Donal Baum
fron Jami Floyd
from Stacey Geis
from Rob Helgesen
from George Klesh
from Julia Massa
from Laura Parker
from Laurie A. Pasch and Douglas P. Solomon
from Timothy, Susan, and Amanda Reiterman
from Lisa Wasserman and Timothy Lee Dailey
from Glenna Mote Yates

Katherin Cope
from Stan Yogi

Jean Costa
from Virginia Franco

Billie Crino
from Amy Klee

Metaxia Dalikas
from Image Skincare

Leslie Dodge
from Teddy and Franklyn Harrison

Shirean Duntsch
from Patricia Hartley

Every Person That Deserves to Know the Truth About Our Cancer Epidemic
from the Tooth Fairy Project

Gail Flackett
from Wendy Forman

Tori Freeman’s Birthday
from Lauren Kelly

Tori Freeman’s 12 Hot Dates Event
from Wendy Brummer-Kocks
from Janette Long

Geri Geis
from Stacey Geis

Stephanie Goode
from Doug Hauger

Paula Goren
from Judy Bloom

Nanci Grail for Her Birthday
from Nickie Hilbert

Roma Guy
from Linda Jupiter

David Harris
from Ellen Harris

June Hefele
from Judith Hefele

Her2 Friends
from Evan Ackiron
from Alan and Aileen Chan
from James and Joan Dox
from Kevin Jay Karl and Valerie Ho-Karl
from Karen Kirby
from Donald P. Margoils
from Tricia McCarthy and Steve Akerley
from Maureen McGraw
from Daniel and Deborah Quinn Chen
from Edna Salazar and Brian D. Harrison
from Jeffrey and LIsa Sugarman
from Pete and Jennifer Varna
from Lina Weissman
from Scott Wiener
from Matthew Wright

Rod Hoag
from Mary Lee Tuttle

Julia Hunkins for Her Birthday
from Barbara Aarnodt
from Anna Laura Archer
from Sally and Donald Romig

Richard Jenkins
from Linda Jenkins

Carol Johnson
from Sarah Vradenburg

Cheri Kattenhenry
from Cheryl Stevens

Madeline Kokes
from Kathleen Rouse

Jackie Lancaster
from Jennifer Bailer

Cheri Kattenhenry
from Lee Ann Slinkard and Maria Morris

JoAnn Loulan
from Shellan Isackson

Linda Morgenstern
from Stefanie Cohen

from Kathy Kolb

Maggie Osborn
from Michael Hutton

Lois Pickett
from Albert Hilbert

Elizabeth Riedel
from Elizabeth Riedel

Irma Block Saenz
from Anna Saenz

Denise Manny and Sara Sweetwood
from Maria Caprio

Ellen Schwerin
from Deborah Schwartz

Tamera Shanker
from Bea and Walt Crites

Alice Shapiro
from Alice and Howard Shapiro

Johanna Shorey
from Sandra S. Huston

Anthony Somkin
from Carol Somkin

Deborah Straiton
from Erik Larson

Norma Tan
from Anonymous

Linda Walker
from Chelsea De St. Paer

Tracy Weitz
from Marj Plumb

Verna Wefald
from Anthony J. Lacatena

Sandi and George Winston for their 50th Anniversary
from Nancy L. Romanoff and Bev Bloom

from Marie-Laurie Grimaldi-Marvel

Your Amazing Accomplishments Fighting for Honesty for Consumers Against Eli Lilly
from Rosey and Stuart Rudnick

Jane Zones for Her Birthday
from Arlyn Zones and Donald Walker

Donations in Memory

BCA gratefully acknowledges donations made in memory of the following individuals between October 2, 2009 and November 23, 2009.

Leila Abu-Saba
from Peggy Orenstein and Steven Okazaki

Angelina Arena
from Jane Ruby

Jhumki Basu
from John and Patti Zussman

Becky, a Young Assistant Principal
from Roberta Newman

Susan Birkeland
from Linda and Richard Jenkins

Barbara Breen
from Renee Gibbons

Krista Brandt Calegari
from Donna Hiraga-Stephens and Alan Stephens

Jackson Cheng
from Felix Cheng

Nancy Colton
from Evelyn Gray

Linda Day
from Ellen Harris

Dicky Derickson
from Donna White

Rheta Elshire Schutz
from Annette and Mark Schutz

Leslie Ernst
from Rick Ernst

Sylvia Farkas
from Rita Tobachnik

Barbara Gillen
from Elaine Sisman and Martin Fridson

Judy Golby
from Virginia Franco

Rose Greenfield
from Myrna Greenfield

Ana Hazan
from Adele Clark

Helen Hess
from Barbara Jarmoska

Leone Hinds
from Jennifer Woods

Ann Ikawa
from Dianne Armitage

Joan and Doris
from Kathy Kolb

Gayla Lacatena
from Anonymous
from Anthony J. Lacatena

Helen Law
from Nancy Law

Nancy Leventhal
from Phillip Bokovoy
from Joan and Steven Goldblatt

Bobbie Locht
from Sandra S. Huston

Billie Loulan
from JoAnn Loulan

Mary Jo Luck
from James Luck

Elizabeth Mason Hohl, MD
from Donald Cook

Mary McCann Sr.
from Mary McCann

Olga McInnis
from Jane Mendelsohn

Terse Melvin
from Ceclia S. Fabrizio and Ronald Stover

Virginia Moyer
from Nina Moyer

Kristin Mumm
from Anonymous

Sharon Patterson
from Dolores Patrick

Lyne Pilon
from Stacey Geis

Rose Giannini Quinn
from Sandra Grayson
from Marisa F. Leto
from Joseph and Stella Riccio

Joan Rademacher
from Margaret Ten Eyck

Kathy Ramras
from Betsy Cotton

Ilene Rockman
from Fred Gertler

Doris Roze
from Pauline Attard

Brenda Sawicki
from Ann Fonfa/The Annie Appleseed Project

Barbara Seaman
from Alice J. Wolfson

Kyra Shafran Griffits
from Nina Shafran

Minnie Stetler
from Stacey Schieffelin and Samantha Brown

Marilyn Swaney
from Kim McGarvey

Jennifer Swift
from Jane Bartel
from Dennis Knecht

Christine Tamblyn
from Kathryn L. Funk

Too Many People
from Sarah Lochlann Jain

Susan Tygel
from Anonymous

Andreas Unger
from Melissa Callison

Rose Wachter
from Judith Lujan

Diane Weitz Olds
from Marj Plumb

Phyllis Weiner
from Joy Weiner

Noah Wolfson
from Alice J. Wolfson

Woody Woodward
from Linda Burnett

Susan Zimmerman
from Eleanor Anbinder

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