By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

health insurance denial smallThe Republicans’ outrageous healthcare bill is moving quickly through the House of Representatives—even though an independent, nonpartisan government office just released estimates that this “healthcare” plan would strip healthcare from 14 million people by next year.

We need to stop this disastrous “healthcare” plan in its tracks. Click here to contact your legislators NOW and tell them to oppose this bill. Our new tool makes it easy to email, tweet, Facebook post and, most importantly, call your legislators!

Access to affordable healthcare is life or death for women at risk of and living with breast cancer. Tell your legislators RIGHT NOW that they must oppose this bill, which would make it harder for people who need it most to get healthcare.

This “healthcare” plan would:

  • Strip healthcare from millions of people by ending Medicaid expansion and changing the structure of government subsidies to make it harder for poor people to afford healthcare coverage.
  • Reduce access to healthcare by defunding Planned Parenthood, which provides high-quality women’s healthcare in neighborhoods around the country.
  • Punish people for any lapse in health coverage right when they need it most by charging them 30% more when they want to re-enroll in a healthcare plan.
  • Discriminate against older people, who could be charged five times as much as younger people for the same plan.

There are very real and long-standing problems in our for-profit healthcare system—even after the gains of the Affordable Care Act. 28 million people still do not have health coverage, and healthcare costs are still dangerously high. But this new legislation does nothing to fix these problems, and instead makes it even harder for people who are most vulnerable to get the care they need.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your legislators you want them to champion affordable healthcare for everyone, not take us backward with this proposed plan.